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Coda Electric, a Sino-American for 2010

Although the Company Coda Automotive has set up shop in Santa Monica, Calif., Coda Electric originated from the Chinese model Saibao manufactures out there by Chinese carmaker Hafei. The latter takes its origins itself a Mitsubishi model, redesigned and especially renewed.

Initially, the Hafei Saibao is a compact sedan driven by a petrol engine, which for the occasion has been scrapped to be replaced by a fully electric motor of 100 kW, combines a lithium-ion provided by the Chinese Lishen.

Performance rating, the manufacturer indicates that the Coda sedan allow an autonomy that would last between 150 and 200 km, depending on your driving style. The speed advertised is 130 km / h. A full recharge of the batteries via a 220-volt outlet, take about six hours.

According to the pretensions of the manufacturer, the car could be put on the market in the fall of 2010 in California and has offered an oscillating around $ 45,000 U.S. price.

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