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Porsche Panamera personnalisees.large

Program customizing cars and vehicles Porsche is more elaborate, if not the most comprehensive in the industry. So much so, that we will even switch to 'Blend in hand' to satisfy any desire in this very demanding clientele and portfolio whose power seems unlimited for several of them.

Obviously, with the arrival of the very first sedan in the history of the brand, the latter in turn can benefit from this rather exclusive program.

The component 'Exclusive'

This customization program is divided into two parts, not to mention philosophies each mission has to sharpen the extreme emotions of happy owners of these fabulous creations.

For its part, the section called 'Exclusive' prides itself on offering exceptional colors and materials or leather, wood and materials such as aluminum, carbon steel and reshaped hold a preponderant place in customizing your Porsche .

In this same panel, is also found the 'Sport Design Pack' which when combined with the 'Performance Kit' you transform your Panamera with a gleaming high-performance sports sedan, and that will put you in your ears.

The component 'Tequipment'

In this section that includes a variety of articles aesthetic character has both outside and inside your vehicle, also includes utilities said accessories such as seats for children, roof racks or bike and j ' on ...

It is also in this section, where we find multimedia technologies. These last, allow you to communicate with others using voice recognition or even enjoy a download house of your favorite music. You can also say goodbye to conventional mirrors by replacing them with cameras that can also serve as visual guides when backing up your seductive Panamera sedan.

Also in this section, we find the possibility of placing screens inside the headrest, which turn into audio-video player, allowing you to view information on CD or DVD movies and even listen to his favorite music via an interface that gives access to a USB drive or an iPod.

We even planned a location to deposit a small icebox, which will entitle you to always cold liqueurs.

Finally, the navigation system said of origin may also take a gallon by adding technology, but some of which have applications that can be reserved for certain continents.

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