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General-Motors of Brazil, is investing 1 billion dollars fine

Unlike the German subsidiary of GM, which saw the Opel brand have put themselves under the protection of its creditors and is about to be sold, the subsidiary Bresilienne more independent management, today announced that it will invest a billion dollars in the development of new products.

These new investments will allow him to reorganize and modernize its plant especially Rio Grande do Sul, whose production will increase from 120,000 to 380,000 with the addition of two new models in a whole new family CALLED Onix products, which will assembled in this plant. GM owns the other down two assembly plants, located in the state of Sao Paulo. These three plants provide employment to over 20,000 workers. The very large majority of vehicles produced in Brazil are sold in the countries of South America.

GM Brazil, whose financial health is very enviable and unlike that of the house-mother, intends to finance new projects on the one hand by using its own funds, while the other half will be done by borrowing. In 2008, sales of this subsidiary have peaked in Brazilian soil, with over 550,000 units sold, representing about 20% of total sales in this country.

In Brazil, Volkswagen is the largest producer of passenger vehicles, Fiat follows very closely and GM comes in third place, followed respectively by the Peugeot / Citroen, Toyota and Mitsubishi Ford Renault / Nissan brands, Honda,. In total, it has produced over 2.5 million vehicles in 2008.

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