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Venturi Volage, everything is in the wheel

The french engineers of the company Venturi come again to take a step of giant at technology motor wheel. Together with Michelin engineers, they concocted a car has four wheels with active suspension, each of them contains two electric motors, one to be used to propel and the other as a suspending agent. As each small electric motor delivers a power of 75 horses, we end up driving a car of 300 horsepower. Batteries according to the manufacturer, allow it to offer an estimated 320 km autonomy, but inside the limits of reasonable speed.

To discover more about this approach more ingenious, here is an excerpt from the press release issued by the French company on Volage concept.


Fruit technological rapprochement between Venturi Automobiles and Michelin, the Venturi Volage, presented for the first time at the "Mondial 2008", marks a major step in the evolution of the Automobile. This new Venturi incorporates innovations which have enabled to realize radical changes in terms of vehicle architecture, style, dynamic behavior and more generally the design of a modern vehicle. All these changes constitute several world premieres, strengthening, by the presentation of the Venturi Volage, the capacity for constant innovation Venturi, and position the company as the more advanced in the field of vehicle propulsion has electric.


With 4 wheel drive active suspension, the Venturi Volage has no equivalent. The "Michelin Active Wheel" technology in fact incorporates 2 electric motors per wheel (1 for suspension and 1 for drive), ie a total of 8 electric motors drivers in real time by an electronic edge. As the mechanism of a watch, all the components, motors, reducers and suspensions, is miniaturized and incorporated into the wheels. The active electrical damping system allows for total adaptation to soil type and conduct. Associated to the Michelin experience in the area of ​​the ground connection and that of Venturi for the chassis, the Venturi Volage represented by its handling, its motor skills, its silent operation, the ultimate in current automotive technology .


Reducing mechanics in favor of electronics, close to the design of a robot, this car belongs to a new era, the digital. A touch screen allows a board to parameterize a desire the vehicle. This total control is an important step forward in terms of management, including the stored energy in the batteries of the vehicle: the driver can, for example, choose to promote autonomy in some cases has the power, comfort is the sportsmanship, an important issue for an electric vehicle.


Venturi Volage possesses as one shared room with Venturi Fetish its carbon shell. This shell, developed by the Venturi Design Office, remains unique design in the world because it is the only one to have been created specifically to be that of an electric car and thus to contain the batteries within the same structure. This innovative design allows both a Fetish What Volage to have a security level uneven, both for vehicle occupants for the batteries they carry. The ideal distribution of masses of the Venturi Volage - 45% on front, 55% on the back - and more controlled weight of 1075 kg, allow it to reach 100 km / h in less than 5 seconds.


Real technological demonstrator, the vehicle presents a world premiere is fully functional and prefigure the start of production in small series of this model, envisaged from 2012. As Venturi Fetish Assembly in our workshops in Monaco, the Venturi Volage will be assembled to the hand, in the form of a very limited production. Technological spillovers of these two models very high quality can be found on other vehicles of our brand, enabling as many take advantage of developments Venturi in the field of sustainable mobility.


"Such a light and sensual veil, the body Volage wife closer to his exceptional technical elements. Engines and integrated with active suspensions wheels, flat bottom, aerodynamic tunnels: these choices and technological advances have allowed me to "draw the void" usually occupied by the engine and suspensions, and thus explore new and bold stylistic tracks. The empty part of Volage style; It was designed by subtraction. Model was fickle wind. The science of aerodynamics is the main tool for the elaboration of its shape. It is easy and pleasant to imagine the path of the air flow over and through her body. Fickle is in a resolutely contemporary and unreleased formal register. Filiation with other models of the brand is obvious, but it is possible to read also, through some details, a subtle tribute to some french car icons prewar, the most elegant, the most avant-garde. Fickle inspires passion and power of seduction is immense. "

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