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Champlain Bridge: Beam Operation support!

The Company The Jacques Cartier and Champlain Bridges Incorporated (JCCBI) wishes to inform road users as part of routine inspections on the beam to be strengthened, it was decided to focus on a new strategy for repair.

The state of the beam has evolved over the last few days so that the strategy and method of repair recommended at departure are no longer applicable. Champlain bridge remains safe for all road users due to the particular measures applied quickly removing the two lanes of traffic overlooking the beam. All other beams span behaves well and presents no sign of weakness.

Movement extremely difficult to predict - privileged access to buses

Traffic will occur two lanes in each direction over the next few days. The Company meets its partners today priority way to implement new mitigation measures to address this situation and analyze the channel configuration on deck to peak.

During the work, buses will have priority access to the bridge thanks to dedicated lanes planned upstream as the odds that Montreal's South Shore. The access bridge will be much easier for public transit users. Track reserved may not, however be placed on the same bridge.

Again, buses, commuter trains, the metro yellow line, carpooling measures are strongly recommended in the current context. Other bridges in the South Shore will not compensate for the closure of these channels, it is a new application for all users of the South Shore, regardless of the bridge used to promote public transport, allowing a distribution of traffic between all the bridges.

Collaboration of all road users and the media is requested to encourage public transit and carpooling.

A robust measure to isolate the beam in two stages

To restore traffic across the bridge, supporting beam operation has been launched.

The beam operation support has been developed in recent years in order to compensate for the eventuality or beam Champlain Bridge could not be secured by measures of isolated building.

Two robust support systems have been designed, manufactured and stored since 2009 for such an eventuality.

Phase 1: Stabilize the situation and secures the beam

The first step is to move near the bridge five component parts of the immense steel beam STORED until now all near the Jacques Cartier Bridge. This beam will be built close to the Champlain Bridge and then moved to the bridge using a flatbed truck; two cranes will then deposit just above the beam in need of strengthening.

The support beam will be INSTALLED and the existing beam over its entire length, supported at the pillars. Anchored solid steel rods to the support beam will be lowered below the beam in need of strengthening, in order to fully support. Once a secured beam, the steps will be taken to reopen the lane closed at this time.

However, coming to rest on the bridge, the support beam will reduce the width of the open channels. This temporary situation is in place, pending a second intervention phase. The objective is to stabilize the situation as quickly as possible, secures the beam and subsequently to initiate Phase 2, once the flow re-established.

Phase 2: Establish a permanent support

Phase 2 will install to come from below a modular steel truss that will build on top of the two pillars of the bridge. This trellis will also support the beam on its full length, as the beam bracket installed in the first phase.

The installation of permanent support (modular lattice) will commence in spring 2014 due to difficulties to perform this operation in winter conditions. Once this second stage is complete, the support beam will be removed and the full width of the channels will be retrieved to the new bridge.

An operation as BLITZ

The Company implements a close planning of these major works, in order to complete the first stage of the operation in mid-December, as announced, and open as possible six-lane traffic.

The installation of the beam will be accomplished through an intensive two-day BLITZ (ideally a weekend), the date remains to be confirmed. During this period, only one lane will be open on the Champlain Bridge in each direction

To prevent delays, road users will be encouraged to avoid the Champlain Bridge and borrow the other bridges in the South Shore.

We invite you to follow this operation

SOURCE The Jacques Cartier and Champlain Bridges Incorporated

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