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In the absence of a new bridge faster ...

The mayor of Montreal, Denis Coderre, would like to see the future Champlain bridge is built faster than expected, given the problems of crack just be detected, but it can accommodate the echeancier and repairs already provided , provided you have a daily report on his condition and a real transparency about the federales intentions.

During a press conference Monday on another subject, the new mayor has already stated that it meets federal minister responsible for the file, Denis Lebel, and must soon meet the federal Prime Minister Stephen Harper. And he has every intention of having the correct time on the bridge, a way had to be closed recently, due to the discovery of a worrying crack.

He rejects the disaster scenarios bridge closure and invites players of the file do not panic. He believes that support measures and alternatives can be adopted as a measure and, according to what we will see as to the effectiveness of measures already adopted.

He would like to have the new bridge faster than expected, but says ready to accommodate the echeancier 2021 and $ 500 million in repairs that are planned, provided that we know a little better what direction we're going.

By Lia Levesque

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