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Nissan presents its new electric platform


Nissan presents its new electric platform picture #1

Nissan "LEAF" The affordable electric car

Last electric prototype before the presentation of the model definitive August 2, 2009

Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.. just in front unveil its first electric platform through a prototype based on Tiida in order to test and appreciate any driveability that is felt at the wheel of this car zero emission. The brand has also presented a sophisticated information system sailed for electric vehicle (EV-IT); developed to effectively support electric driving 24 hours on 24 and 7 days on 7.

These tests preceding the imminent reveal of the first electric model Nissan. Carlos Ghosn, President & CEO, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., will present this zero emission vehicle entirely new and think this technology 2 August 2009 at the inauguration of the headquarters of Nissan Yokohama.

Prototype electric vehicle based on a new platform

A brand new electric platform

All fully electric Nissan is composed of a very rigid body, a high-performance engine, a block of compact lithium-ion energetics and Broadband high power capacity, all while presenting the amazing performance offering great quietude driving ... A unique characteristic, fully electric vehicles to own.

The electric motor, developed in-house produced 80 kW, 280 Nm for immediate response and powerful accelerations. The control unit of the engine, Nissan exclusivity, also helps to perfectly linear accelerations of the vehicle.

The battery pack lithium-ion compact lamellar 24 kWh is placed under the vehicle floor for more efficient layout that does not compromise space in the cabin or in the trunk. This arrangement of the batteries also allows free passage of air under the floor contributing to improve the aerodynamic coefficient. In addition, the system uses it to recharge the battery during deceleration phases and braking increases autonomy, carrying more than 160 km * 1 full load.

Longevity of the assembly is ensured by a specific frame supporting the battery pack and improve significantly the rigidity of the platform. The combination of a very rigid platform and electric propulsion minimizes vibration and noise emission exterior, thereby promoting a serene atmosphere on board and conduct soothed.

Information function EMBEDDED EV-IT

Nissan has developed a sophisticated computer system loads and communication for its zero emission vehicles, connecting the unit transmission the car has a global data center * 2 to support the conduct "all electric" 24 hours 24 and 7 days 7.

The use and comfort of driving such a vehicle are secured by the following makes:

Showing accessible areas:

-    Simply pressing a button to indicate the navigation system the radius of action of the car based on its residual load;

-    The system can calculate the points within the reach of the vehicle from a preset destination.

Update charging stations:

-    The navigation system inquires of the most recent information on available charging stations taking into account the residual autonomy;

    Detailed information on each charging station will also be displayed.

Timer function:

-    The timer allows for air conditioning or charging the battery has a precise moment START. The air conditioning can be latched automatically when the vehicle is responsible for cooling the cabin before a journey, without imposing additional effort battery. In addition, charging the battery can also start a pre-set schedule, including peak hours, in order to benefit from the electricity has a very interesting rate.

Remote control and monitoring function:

-    The driver can at any time check the state of charge of its electric vehicle via a website or mobile phone. When the battery is fully recharged, for example, a message can be sent to a mobile phone. The other functions of a distance ranging from commissioning or decommissioning of the recharge program the air conditioning.

To become a leader in zero emission mobility, Nissan has not progressing in the development of its electric vehicles and their key components. The fully electric vehicle, which will be launched in 2010, will have a unique design and original bodywork. Nissan plans to unveil its electric lines serial vehicle during the inauguration of its global headquarters in Yokohama on August 2 next. Internet Nissan Zero Emission ( will also be activated.

Nissan has undertaken numerous actions under its Blue Citizenship, which includes all the actions taken by the brand to protect our planet, as a corporate citizen, able to live symbiotically with people and society. These efforts are all about the problems at the scale of the world, such as the protection of the environment as a whole, as the contribution to more local communities, promoting diversity and the personal mobility available to as many . Nissan continues the development of zero emission vehicles bases on the spirit of Blue Citizenship through the launch of technologies, products and services more efficient.

* 1: U.S. LA4 mode

* 2: World Data Center (Global Data Center): a common platform on a global scale providing identical telematics services via mobile network by connecting the computer system on board the vehicle to the Internet.

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