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Presents the Bridgestone Dueler A / T Revo 2

A next generation tire for light trucks / SUV 'One tire for all environments "

This range of tires has defined standards in matters of strength, durability and comfort. Today, Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations (BATO) is proud to present the all-terrain tire next generation of the Dueler family, the Dueler A / T Revo 2 Bridgestone.

"The Dueler A / T Revo original is an excellent tire that offers outstanding performance for years," Phil Pacsi support, vice-president of marketing, tire division for private vehicles in Canada and the United States, BATO.

"This new generation Dueler contains all the qualities of the Dueler A / T Revo Bridgestone, in addition to incorporating new technologies and a new design that refine the driving experience even more," says Pacsi.

The second generation Dueler A / T Revo is designed to meet the demand for all terrain capable of meeting the needs of trucks, SUVs and Crossovers modern. Thanks to his new side and tread improved, the Dueler A / T Revo 2 is the most versatile and most aggressive products for trucks and SUVs Bridgestone tire. Revolutionary tread gives it exceptional performance under Driving Diversified.

"The Dueler A / T Revo 2 will appeal to drivers who make the road as much as explorers over rough terrain. Improvements in this tire has to contribute "one tire for all environments" has both quiet, comfortable and durable as the road outside, "says Pacsi.

Built on reputation and contemporary style Dueler A / T Revo original, the Dueler A / T Revo 2 Bridgestone was improves a technology providing a wet traction and rolling resistance improved. The dimensions for passenger cars A / T Revo 2 are equipped with a tread has two layers, while the tread dimensions metric Truck is provided consists of DuraTech Bridgestone, designed to resist the spalling and cuts in harsh conditions.

Improvements to this new generation tire include the reduction of road noise thanks to an optimization of the design of the tread, and the addition of edges biting accented and other technology components to maintain the performance on snow and off-road.

Launch on the market in July 2009, the Dueler A / T Revo 2 Bridgestone is now available in 27 sizes, from 15 to 20 inches in diameter. The P metric dimensions show a UTQG rating of 560 AB and are accompanied by a limited warranty 80 000 km against the wear of the tread. All dimensions offer a limited warranty platinum Brigestone Covenant and that the 30-day warranty "buy and try".

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