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GM announces and renounces ...

Quite recently, leaders of the new General Motors, we were announcing through their first press conference as a new company, they would sell 25 new vehicles over the next two years.

Moreover, the latter said to be listening to consumers in order to offer them the vehicles they desire, and by setting up a home computer network called 'The Lab', whose main mission is to get them emit their views concerning the new products of the brand.

But never the managers of the new GM would imagine that this new approach would bring a turn around as quickly concerning the start of their new products.

It does not matter!

Among them, there were a clone of Saturn VUE renamed under the Buick brand would be marketed somewhere in 2010.

However, since the announcement of the next arrival of this new model claw Buick, there has been an emergence of any protests against it, notably via the Twitter network, calling the ruling heads of the company has put on the shelves, this project they felt totally incoherent. Many of them have even used the nickname 'VUICK' to identify what model Buick designed based on the Saturn VUE.

Finally, the General-Motors turn the page on this project, yet realistic in this time of economic crisis, or environmental criterion takes more place when it comes time to replace a model.

Another denial, but more logical

After the 'VUICK' is the project of the Pontiac G8 Chevrolet Caprice comes to the subject of the blade of the new GM. Although the G8 is a Holden Monaro in fact sedan designed and manufactured by the Australian subsidiary of the group, which has cost a very expensive market in America, it was clear to many that this car was responding to consumer expectations way North Americans, and that's saying something.

If the conversion of the latter model in Chevrolet Caprice was accomplished, it would be offered due to an almost prohibitive price, the more it would PENALIZED the manufacturer in his general average at the global essence of its fleet consumption.

Besides sales of the Pontiac G8 sedan has never peaked, on the contrary, we can consider that denial is perfectly clear in the circumstances.

This is for two GM renunciations arriving a bad time for a company reconstruction.    

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