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Saturn Canada: the end is near

When the group of Roger Penske has agreed with General Motors, to resume network of Saturn dealers, we all believe that the agreement also included the Canadian network of the brand.

Now we learn that he is nothing and the ax to the old GM brands, will also touch Saturn dealerships in Canada.

Across the country, they were sixty Saturn dealers to sell products, a quarter in Quebec. Today, that number has been halved and they have until 31st December to elapse their vehicles in 2009, which in the circumstances should be offered with discounts more than substantial. They are nearly 2 000 jobs will fly, unless ...

Our neighbors to the south

The earth, the Saturn dealer network has 350 franchises that remain in operation and will continue to offer the assembled models at home, namely the Saturn Aura, Outlook and VUE and for a couple of years. Thereafter, the Penske group distribute via this network of dealers vehicles from South Korea or elsewhere.

A glimmer of hope

Personally, I think the Canadian Magna International that desire more than anything in the world, appropriating the Opel brand in addition to wanting to distribute new products european called complementary equipment manufacturer, could mimic the group of Roger Penske in taking control of a new network of dealers on the basis of Canadian Saturn dealers, whose experience in the field, would already be a major asset for the OEM.

But for that, he will move quickly to acquire Opel ...

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