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GM Canada presents its new 2010 Buick Allure

Buick Allure that our neighbors called LaCrosse has a much higher pass register, relative to the current version it will replace, and at all levels. So this new version will henceforth be much more competitive with other corriace intermediate sedans available on the market. In addition, this car will not only face the brunt of the Fusion, Accord and Camry in the world, but also so-called luxury that are Taurus, Acura TL and Lexus ES in their entry-level sedan versions.

Environment requires, Buick abandoned the big 5.3-liter V8 300 horsepower and now uses two engines have direct injection and variable valve timing V6. The 3.0-liter V6 engine develops 255 horsepower and 3.6-liter V6 280 horsepower ISSUED. These are mated to a new six-speed automatic transmission has. The Buick LaCrosse is offered in three variants are the CX, CXL and CXS versions.   

Moreover, here is an excerpt of communiqaue release issued by GM Canada:



Redesigned from A to Z, the luxury sedan 2010 Buick Allure is available with integral transmission, a variety of user-friendly technologies and advanced safety features and a choice of two V6 engines efficient.

Allure 2010 is available in three versions, the CX, CXL and CXS:

CX - equipped with a new V6 engine 3 L direct injection, seats fabric upper category and 17-inch wheels. The engine develops 255 hp 3 L (190 kW) and torque of 217 lb-ft (294 Nm) and is mated to a six-speed automatic transmission.

CXL - also equipped with the new engine V6 3 L direct injection, it is endowed in addition to the automatic control of temperature, has two zones, fog lamps, exterior mirrors with turn signal with LED lighting and a step door as well as 17-inch wheels alloy. An integral transmission peak attached to a slip differential is available as an electronic limit option. The electronic limit slip differential has transferred the torque from one wheel to another on the same axle as a function of the tire adheres more to the road to increase mastery of the vehicle on icy or wet pavement.

CXS - equipped with a V6 3.6L engine has direct injection of a suspension damping in real time, heated seats and ventilated perforated leather-trimmed wheels and 18-inch chrome alloy (19-inch optional with tourism group). The 3.6L engine is paired to a six-speed automatic transmission, develops 280 hp (209 kW) and torque of 259 lb-ft (351 Nm).

Lineages sculptees

The rich heritage of avant-garde design of Buick, such as the Y-Job, the Roadmaster and the Riviera, helped shape the world of American automotive design over the years, according to Ed Welburn, vice president of GM Global Design. Today the design of Buick vehicles is the result of a team and aggregated resources.

The successful collaboration between engineers working in the United States and China, in partnership with the PATAC (Pan Asia Technical Automotive Center) and the European Association of engineers in the chassis and body, saw the birth of the first General Motors vehicle created thanks to the participation of three continents.

"The new LaCrosse was conceived with the intention to embody the modern elegance, said Welburn. Its design provides the right balance of contrasts. Its interior and exterior were designed harmonious way. The exterior is a mixture of refinement, sculptured lines and surfaces and sensual accents. The interior is characterized by smoke chrome shades, warm wood veneers, fillings and coatings of superior quality leather, all complemented by a blue ambient lighting ice thus contributing to create an inviting atmosphere.

Make the experience of its luxurious interior

The interior is characterized by flowing lines that hug the contours of the dashboard and door panels. The attention to detail is perceives in all aspects of the interior, notably its analogue instrument cluster, its CHROME color shades offset by dark woodgrain accents and contrasting stitching dashboard.

Technology QuietTuning own a Buick - a process design that reduces, blocks and absorbs interior noise and creates a distraction-free environment for passengers.

Unexpected, inviting touch of Allure is its ambient lighting blue ice dispersed throughout the cabin from the center console, dashboard and door handles of recesses.

Friendly advanced technologies

The electric atmosphere of the interior is accentuated by the digital connectivity and personal technologies available as an option, which includes the navigation system, Bluetooth connectivity, an auxiliary audio jack and a USB port. Rear seats passengers can enjoy an optional visor bezel has electrical control system and a DVD entertainment paired two display screens integrated on the back of seats.

Smart technologies Allure also offer a field of view of 360 degrees behind the steering wheel spokes, which confers a greater sense of comfort and safety to the driver. This feeling is reinforced by the high head optional display on the windshield, allowing the driver to monitor speed while not leaving the road. The nightfall, adaptive lighting option can rotate a high intensity discharge headlights has up to 15 degrees so as to give a better view of the road and its curves.

The Allure is endowed the detection system of obstacles on the odds that warns the driver if a vehicle that is behind him in the adjacent channel penetrates into the blind area. The rear camera, optional, includes an integrated display function screen of the navigation system.

Technologies available with optional Allure leverage a variety of safety features of series, including front airbags, lateral and lateral head curtain air bags and traction control and StabiliTrak system GM. The security and protection provided by the OnStar system is also part of what is included in the first year of ownership of Allure.

Responsive performance

The rigid body structure Allure is the fundamental element of its well tuned suspension, its safety features and its quiet ride. Consumers can choose from a range of six-cylinder engines has twinned direct injection has a automatic gearbox six speeds with efficient control passages for adaptive speeds.

The direct injection engines available with the Allure are more powerful and consume less fuel. In addition, they reduce the pollutant emission thanks to better control of combustion; for example, the cold start emission are reduced by about 25%.

The Allure is built a factory GM Fairfax, located in Kansas City, Kansas.

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