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The performance of natural gas trucks in cold weather

According to a report published today, Ottawa, trucks powered by natural gas offer good performance and are effective even in some of the coldest weather in Canada. The report, entitled Evaluation of the Winter Performance of Compressed Natural Gas Refuse Trucks (Evaluation of Performance winter garbage trucks fueled by compressed natural gas), reports of cold weather operation of a fleet of 18 garbage trucks at Food once compressed natural gas (CNG) belonging to the Quebec business EBI Berthierville.

Finance under the ecoTECHNOLOGY for Vehicles Transport Canada, this report reflects the actual behavior of one of the first parks of heavy vehicles running on natural gas in Canada. With new emission standards for heavy vehicles now in force, demonstrate the relevance of technology for vehicles used in Canada is a priority program of Transport Canada.

The fleet of 18 trucks Peterbilt teams Cummins Westport 8.9-liter engine is operated for more than two years in temperatures can drop to -16 degrees Celsius until winter. The main finding of the report is the fact that CNG-fueled truck plants work well and there are no problems in cold weather condition that winter usually aids available are used and the design of the vehicle is adapted for use by time cold. Given their good performance, fuel savings and benefits relating to broadcasts, EBI has since acquired another 32 CNG powered trucks.

This report also highlights the conclusions reached premieres a fleet of 58 CNG-fueled trucks operating in Winnipeg, Manitoba, for the company Emterra Environmental.

According to the president of the company EBI Pierre Sylvestre, "natural gas is a very interesting choice that enables fuel savings of the first day. We are proud of our fleet of vehicles to natural gas. We also invest in a network of refueling stations to deliver CNG on the broader work of Quebec. "

"Heavy diesel vehicles are one of the sources of emissions of greenhouse gas emissions that the fastest growing in Canada, and natural gas-powered trucks offer a sensible and affordable way to reduce emissions, says Alicia Milner, chairwoman of the Alliance for natural gas vehicles (CNGVA). More investment from the private sector, such as EBI, should be encouraged, as they accelerate the transition to the use of lower emission vehicles in Canada. "


The CNGVA is a national trade association of Canada advocated the increased use of natural gas as the main source of energy in the transport sector, to the benefit of the economy and the environment of the country. The CNGVA directs the participation of industry to natural gas vehicles in the lead the way with natural gas aimed at promoting the increased use of vehicles powered by natural gas plants.

SOURCE Alliance for natural gas vehicles

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