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The Tata Nano is coming to America

Ratan Tata, the head honcho of the Indian industrial group Tata is categorical: 'Nano, the least expensive car in the world today, should be available in America by at most three years.

Obviously, the North-American version of the small Tata Nano will answer has both environmental and safety standards required by the legislators.

Thus, the future Nano will be much closer to the European version UNVEILED very recently in Geneva. Of course, it will be more expensive than the Indian entry-level version, but we can easily imagine that the American Nano, and despite all these requirements would be all the same, the least expensive car available in North America.

Although the news is not necessarily an indication availability of this little car on Canadian soil, it would be very surprising that the latter can not cross the U.S. border, or walk the small car is more coherent, especially in province of Quebec.

But before seeing rolling Tata Nano car on our chessboard, there is another vehicle 'made in India' which is about to discover the America. It is utilitarian and recreational vehicle Bolero and Scorpio, designed and manufactured under license by the Mahindra industrial group.

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