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Premiere exhibition vehicles ecological outdoor Quebec!

Kingsey Falls, Tuesday, May 19, 2009 - Located in the Centre-du-Quebec, a region already known for its dynamic action in matters of sustainable development, Parc Marie-Victorin is distinguished by its environmentally responsible approach. It is also now recognized to be the largest garden ECOLOGICAL Quebec.

Following this spirit, the "jewel of green tourism" recidivism by launching June 7, 10 ha 17 h, the first APPOINTMENT OF GREEN VEHICLES TOYOTA, an exhibition that will combine the latest in green transportation. Cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, bicycles ... large variety of vehicles will be in our demonstration gardens, they are already in the market, yet unsung, or even at the prototype stage! You will see: whatever technology used, all these vehicles really be a win-known.

The new under the sun ...! Proud partner of the event, TOYOTA CANADA offers a unique opportunity to see firsthand its new 2010 PRIUS WITH SOLAR ROOF. Last-born of his generation, this version of the car's most advanced tourism world has shown that once the end of the "spoiler" in the province, the last auto show of Quebec. Be among the first (and few) persons view of fathers, and even has to sit there! Compared to the current generation, the 2010 Prius produces 22% more power while consuming 7% less fuel. Its development has given rise to more than 1,000 patent applications! It distinguishes itself by offering the first air conditioning system has remote world, in addition to a first transparent solar panel roof, these two systems contributing to greatly reduce the workload of the engine.

Try it, love it! On site, visitors will have the opportunity to test several vehicles in our box, and on the water ... • TOYOTA will be present with several hybrid models of last generation • ZENN will lend itself to playing with her silent cars • Electric BIONX, VELEC, NORCO and SEGWAY PASSION will part with several models of their vehicles Greenest has two wheels • ECOBOAT put his electric boats to the test on the Nicolet River

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