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Second appointment green Toyota vehicles

- An event fueled with green ideas!

Last Sunday was held the second edition of APPOINTMENT OF GREEN TOYOTA VEHICLES. Present in the heart of the largest ecological garden of Quebec, the event brings together a locally passionate thirty exhibitors and attracted just over 1400 visitors, which represents a significant increase of 40% for the event . "For an event of this kind that targets a very public advise and eager new products in the field, this is a promising result to see that this good progress," says Denis Beaudoin, Director General of the Park. "This proves that it is possible to create a sustainable event was both educational and entertaining, there was an interest for this type of collection and that it has a future, as the alternatives that were presented today, "says Communications Coordinator, Kateline Grondin.

• To all those who have ac ur the development of various alternatives of the Quebec, as it was the ideal opportunity to come and share them with three seasoned lecturers and well informed on this area: Pierre Langlois, Normand Mousseau and Sidney Ribaud and ... all small families, the ideal time to introduce eco-driving and discover the world of thematic gardens, greenhouse and its butterflies and Mosaicultures Marie-Victorin Park!

500 visitors also received as a gift a sapling given free by the forestry Association Townships Eastern Townships, a way for the Parc Marie-Victorin offset its environmental footprint for the displacement of vehicles of visitors to the site.

"To absorb one ton of CO2 annually and eliminate part of air pollution, we must count on the growth of three to six trees over a period of 40 years, depending on the species planted, their growth and the environment in which they are. Thus, a compact car that emits three tonnes of CO2 rolling average of 20,000 km per year need each year planting 18 trees "... (source: http:// Imagine then by planting 500 trees this collective effort that we could support!

Eco-driving honor

New this year, an eco-driving competition took place through a circuit of 13 km in the rural area of ​​Kingsey Falls. Showing complete in terms of participation, activity should definitely be renewed next year. Participants sat aboard the official vehicle of the Park (a 2010 Toyota Yaris) equipped for the occasion of a vehicle telemetry system designed by the team of Isaac Instruments. It will be possible to evaluate each participant according to information on its behavior, such as average speed, the tips acceleration, fuel consumption of the vehicle during the journey (which was to end in 25 minutes maximum) and therefore its emission of greenhouse.

Three winners have received the medal of "ecoconducteur Emeritus." This is Mathieu Mercury, Kingsey Falls, which is first class place with an average consumption of 4.8 L/100 km. In the second row, Jocelyn Gagniere, also Kingsey Falls, has ended with an average consumption of 5.3 L/100 km, followed very closely by the Sherbrooke Gilles Mercier has reached a mark of 5.4 L/100 km.

Several have also avail this topic wise advice offered by the team of CAA Quebec while they were virtually the wheel aboard a eco-driving simulator.


First exhibition of its kind to offer on-site testing of several green vehicles on display, it was possible again this year to experiment driving on the road to different hybrid models offered by Toyota (Camry and Prius) and sit on the seat or behind the wheel (or handlebars in some cases) of the different vehicles that could move exceptionally in the paths of the park. Visitors could also unearth several other solutions on site, vehicles and equipment powered by renewable energies. They have also found that many know to compete ingenuity and motivation when it comes to develop sustainable solutions!

Team CFER Normand Maurice has also advantage of the launch of the second edition to unveil featured the results of its pilot project that put to the test, since last year, thanks a heavy truck moving to a mixture diesel and frying oils collected and treated by Laurentide re / sources. (See press CFER attached).

Stephane Melancon, a technologist Quebec and seasoned handyman was also of the party. It became known for beating, June 17 on the trail of acceleration of Pont-Rouge, the world speed record achieved by an electric bike (formerly detained by an American) or 94.3 km / h. This feat has also been running through a broadcast of "Tripeux" animated by Real Beland (and broadcast channel Z). Stephane was also there with this bike and he gets on with that every day, in traffic, and has also allowed him to take a bus at the same day.

The curious have enjoyed a gathering around the Photon, a boat propelled by solar energy designed by future engineers of the School of Montreal Superior technology, and to the micro-car in action of the Association for the Promotion of Practice Quasiturbine which itself is powered thanks to the quebecois engine without crankshaft combined for compressed air.

Parc Marie-Victorin is keen to thank the group of 20 female students auxiliary nurses Training Centre 20/20 vision who came to "take care" of our exhibitors and visitors voluntarily, in exchange for a $ 500 donation that will allow them flying to Tunisia in January 2011, in order to perform a professional internship. Their assistance was a great help and greatly appreciated by the entire team of the Park!

For more information and a list of our exhibitors: or 1 888 753-7272

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