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Daimler AG acquires 10% stake in Tesla

The Californian company Tesla Motors, was founded in 2003. His name was inspired by that of the Serbian engineer Nikola Tesla, whose work was mainly axis on technologies surrounding the different sources of electrical energy.

Although the company is primarily known as a small independent manufacturer, we not ignore his contribution at his research design to design and develop systems of storage ENERGY called 'Energy Storage System' (ESS), using blocks of lithium-ion, the most sophisticated and efficient currently available.  

In 2008, she sells a nice roadster fully propels to electricity, which is intended to be both attractive, efficient, fun to drive and all in respect unwavering facing the environment. At first, the Tesla Roadster of the elements designed around a Lotus Elise, was produced only 1,000 units, all reserved for its U.S. customers, including several California artists. For 2009, we reserve 250 units for European markets by debutant royally by the Principality of Monaco.

The next realization of Tesla Motors, is to produce a luxury sedan, which will be driven entirely on electricity. His code name was White Star, but his real name is Model S.

Daimler becomes a privileged partner

The news reached us on the financial statements of Tesla Motor were often contradictory, and might suggest that the latter, despite appearances, could not meet all its commitments ...

But today, with the announcement of a decision of the assets of the company up to 10% by the German giant Daimler AG, it is clear that this company has just passed a new chapter in its short history, which should give wings to be able to develop more quickly and especially with more confidence.

This is not a first for both companies, since small electric Smart Fortwo, have the electric Tesla branded technologies.

This cooperation will benefit both entities obviously. For its part, Daimler will use innovative technological approaches in the development of future products that will be more environmentally friendly, while Tesla Motors will go right to the great speed 'V' in the development of its Model S sedan and consolidate the various assets of the company.

Daimler AG acquires 10% stake in Tesla picture #1

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