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Daimler acquires 10% of the electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla

The German automaker Daimler AG announced Tuesday that it had acquired a stake of nearly 10 percent in Tesla Motors, a manufacturer of electric cars established in California in order to accelerate the commercialization of this type of vehicle has the global scale.

Tesla is the only automaker selling an electric vehicle capable of traveling on motorways in North America and Europe.

Daimler and Tesla have already been working together for integration packs lithium-ion and charging devices to First Tesla electric cars Daimler Smart.

Daimler's investment will enable the two companies to collaborate more closely to the development of systems batteries, propulsion to electricity projects and special vehicles, the German carmaker has said Tuesday.

As part of this collaboration, a vice-president of Daimler, Prof. Herbert Kohler, will be welcomed to the Board of Tesla.

The amount of the investment has not been specified.

Daimler acquires 10% of the electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla picture #1

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