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Barack Obama gives two months GM; Rick Wagoner resigned

The administration of U.S. President Barack Obama has given General Motors provides for sufficient additional government assistance to enable it to reorganize within 60 days, while Chrysler will get up to U.S. $ 6 billion and 30 days to complete an alliance has with the Italian automaker Fiat.

But according to two people familiar with the plan to revive the American auto industry, it will require sacrifices on the part of manufacturers, and bankruptcy is not impossible. These people request anonymity, not being authorized to bestow these details public.

The President Barack Obama unveiled his new aid to the auto industry Monday plane. This plan includes government-backed guarantees for vehicles produced by GM and Chrysler to restore consumer confidence.

General Motors has already received government loans $ 13.4 billion and Chrysler $ 4 billion.

Furthermore, the p.-d.-g. General Motors, Rick Wagoner, must immediately resign from his post at the request of the White House Has said Sunday with members of the American administration, who requested anonymity.

The departure of Rick Wagoner of GM indicates that other changes in the direction of the Detroit automaker could be part of the plan, but it is unclear who would replace him. GM has recently promoted Fritz Henderson, its former chief financial officer, to the position of Chief Operating Officer. Many in the company think it could succession to Mr. Wagoner.

In a televised interview broadcast Sunday CBS, Barack Obama warned that GM and Chrysler and all those who have an interest in their survival _ management, labor, shareholders, creditors, suppliers, dealers _ beforehand will make other sacrifices to help manufacturers have to reorganize for the future, before companies receive additional financial assistance from the government.

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