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Automobile: the Senate has voted for tax deductions for buyers

Faced with economic stagnation in which the struggling American automakers, the Senate has voted Tuesday tax deductions for new car buyers, 71 votes to 26 against.

With this decision, the Senate ignored the detractors of the recovery plan, prepared by the Obama administration, discusses this week and from now exceeds the fateful $ 900 billion.

The vote took place shortly after Barack Obama was declared so preoccupied by the evolution of the U.S. economy that the reveille every night. The plan should help create jobs, says Senator Barbara Mikulski.

In a series of statements TELEVISION Tuesday, Barack Obama stressed the urgency to vote the economic recovery plan. In an interview with CNN network, he said that most economists had not predicted that the situation is so bad today.

On Tuesday, American automakers have announced a very strong fall in sales in the United States in January. Chrysler has the highest diving with a drop of 55 percent, followed by 49 percent of General Motors and Ford 40 percent.

General Motors and Chrysler have received $ 13.4 billion of loans FEDERAL to stay afloat and hope to get more, when they present their viability plan to the government by February 17. Ford said he did not foresee the use of government assistance.

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