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"Zoom-Zoom" Mazda invites consumers an exciting futuristic adventure.

Mazda Canada Launches "33 cles," an immersive and interactive fiction game allows participants to win a MAZDA3 2010. >>

Time travel, secret police and rebellion in the heart of a malicious empire that seeks to enforce compliance to the whole of humanity. It reads like the script of the blockbuster movie of next summer, when he is actually the plot of 33 centuries, the alternative reality game that Mazda launches in Quebec this week to support the release of the new MAZDA3 2010.            

Cles '33 'Quebecois will offer a series of very real adventures ratings colorful characters and determined to liberate humanity from the clutches of a domineering organization known as the Green Cross. Players will have to participate in missions inspired real life, including falling breathtaking challenges while trying to solve a multitude of problems. The purpose of the exercise? Find the 33 hidden keys across Quebec, one will unlock the 2010 MAZDA3 Personalized called Soul that will be presented to the winner on 18 May.            

"33 cles is for us the ideal opportunity to interact with consumers, both through social media, display, Tele strategies of anti-zapping by recourse to other spectacular stunts. We look forward players to participate in this unique adventure, stated Mike Collinson, marketing director of Mazda Canada. launch of the 2010 MAZDA3 enthusiasm us enormously and we wanted to share our passion with the public. Given the preponderant place in it occupy, the Quebec represented in our eyes the ideal work to launch a set of interactive fiction., we wish to thank the gesture and further increase the loyal customer base that we have across the province. "            

The game takes place over four weeks and take place in various media, including on television, on radio, on the web and on billboards. Since April 20, participants can follow the progress of the game with clues and challenges of any kind that will be communicated by the various media, including the website called Reperio (www.reperio.ca). Well known to the Quebec television personalities, are Marie-Claude Perron MusiquePlus and Dominic Arpin VAT have also agreed to actively participate in the unfolding of the plot. Cles 33 was designed and developed by Doner, the advertising agency for Mazda Canada. Doner Canada chose Astral Media Mix as media partner privileged to help give life to this innovative project. The firm has also participated Productions 1976 to the achievement of the campaign.            

"33 cles allow enthusiasts Mazda to participate in a highly interactive game, in which a complex plot is intertwined with situations of real life, stated Dave Carey, Executive Vice President Accounts Receivable at Doner Canada. L 'idea of ​​a game immersive and interactive fiction was inspired us narrow our knowledge of the typical buyer of the Mazda3, and we have spared no effort in its development for players to enjoy a multimedia experience world class. We look forward to seeing the evolution of history. "            

Mazda chose Quebec to launch such an interactive game for its particularly diverse media environment, making it an area of ​​choice for develop an integrated campaign. In addition, the Mazda brand there has a very strong presence, thanks to its reputation for building vehicles of exceptional quality and unbeatable value. In 2008, for example, Quebec accounted for 43% of sales of Mazda Canada.            

Immersive and interactive games (also known as the Alternative Reality Game, or ARG) have seen their popularity in North America will increase significantly in recent years. These are games quite unique in that they combine imaginary intrigues has distribution channels in real life, whether traditional or online. As they have a very high level of interaction, players can have a major influence on their performance. 

"Zoom-Zoom" Mazda invites consumers an exciting futuristic adventure. picture #1

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