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Aston Martin One-77, the order book shows 'COMPLETE'

Despite uncertain economic conditions, manufacturing projects was very limited circulation Car unusual multiply for some time. After some Bentley, Bugatti and Ferrari has offered astronomical prices, behold, the very British firm Aston Martin launches also in this kind of promotion.

Shortly before the holding of the World Paris last September we unveiled the manufacturer a sketch of a fireball with extremely shadowed lines, heralding the arrival of a GT cut even more arrogant than his ostentatious DBS, called One-77 . One, because it is an exclusive model and 77 because it will be produced only 77 copies.

Parisians and frustrated because

We had worked very hard in Aston Martin for this supercar is unveiled its world premiere at the Paris Salon. However, it was well hidden under a tarpaulin but without the public to see.

And ironically, it is after the closure of the show we were able to discover the definitive forms of this high-performance sports section, which will delight those who are 77 doors purchaser of one of them and want of many people.

The cutting featherweight ultimate

Despite its rather generous dimensions, cutting One-77 is very light. To do this, we use plenty of materials has both lightweight and sturdy. The frame is made of carbon fibers, while the body and a plurality of mechanical components are made of aluminum. That is why this beautiful wagon weighs only 1,500 kilograms.

V12 700 horsepower

Currently, very seductive Aston Martin DBS flagship of the family has a 6.0-liter V12 engine that develops 510 horsepower only. For its part, the very special One-77 also benefited from a V12 engine, a specialty of the house we are told, but the cylinder passes 7.3 liters and power 700 hp.

Yes, 77 passionate wealthy automobile purchaser doors have a copy sign, claw and numerote this very exclusive fireball. All for the tidy sum of 1.2 million euros, or if you prefer just nearly 2 million (CDN). Decidedly, it was more the economic crisis we had.

Aston Martin One-77, the order book shows 'COMPLETE' picture #1

Aston Martin One-77, the order book shows 'COMPLETE' picture #2

Aston Martin One-77, the order book shows 'COMPLETE' picture #3

Aston Martin One-77, the order book shows 'COMPLETE' picture #4

Aston Martin One-77, the order book shows 'COMPLETE' picture #5

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