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Citroen GT, the virtual world to the real world ...

Like the prestigious brands such as Aston Martin, Bentley, Ferrari and others who in recent years have produced exceptional cars more than a print limit and offered at prices exceeding the widely million, behold the direction of Citroen are very seriously to do the same.

For the latter, it would be to market a car that currently exists in the virtual world and said that could take the path of very small production series.

Citroen GT, this is a virtual name, we have been presented the year goes as race car doing now part of the very popular video game 'Gran Turismo5' Playstation.

This monster on four wheels with dimensions approaching five meters, would be produced in only six copies and has offered an oscillating 1.5 million euro or exceed 2 million CDN prices.

Rating engine, we speak of a central engine, as befits a high performance sports car, delivering more than 500 horsepower. Moreover, a non makeup prototype was recently photography while on the streets of London in England, and it is rumored that the official announcement of the start of production of this exceptional sports car would be announced in September, as part of the show Frankfurt.

I am absolutely convinced that the French manufacturer Citroen will pass to the action producing virtually by hand, six copies, which will obviously all sold before the start of production. After all, the economic crisis does not hit everyone in the same way ...

Citroen GT, the virtual world to the real world ... picture #1

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