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Ford Europe comes to the rescue of U.S. Ford

The woes of American manufacturers, including wholesale sales vehicles experiencing unprecedented declines, cause them to thoroughly review their philosophy of 'Think Big!' And watch finally, the opportunity to offer more compact products and especially more economic, ecological or more.

Ford and it was like, General Motors and Chrysler can offer compact and economic models designed and manufactured in America today. Fortunately for him, its European subsidiary has several interesting models which in all probability will soon become a vocation vehicles called 'Global', they will be available outside the european or Asian markets, especially in North American soil to allow a home-mother to offer vehicles that will stick better to the new economic realities, on our continent.

However, contrary to what many think, namely that these vehicles will cross the Atlantic to be available in North American soil. It appears that these first and foremost designed and developed in Europe, will serve the development of new models, bearing the same name, but assembled in Mexico and the United States, for a local market here in 2012.

In the light of multiple information circulating about future projects Ford, everything indicates that at least six vehicles produced in Germany and England, used the development of new models, but adapted for the U.S. standards and likely to taste of these or the requirements of environmental conservation are becoming increasingly important. These models of Fiesta, Transit Connect, Fiesta type crossover, Focus, C-Max and Kuga.

Ford Fiesta

Although its origins are those of the Verve concept vehicle, the model shall be accorded its series of genes and a bumper to another. Available this fall in Europe, the Ford Fiesta will be available to us in 2010, will go through Cuautitlan assembly plant in Mexico before ending up in dealer showrooms. It will be available in versions hatchback three and five doors. The five-door model seems the most interesting and should provide more conviviality has four or five passengers. Cote mechanics, they should benefit a new atmospheric engine ECOnetic economic and ecological.

Ford Transit Connect

The decision is taken, the Transit Connect van is coming to America, at least among our southern neighbors and as a vehicle rather commercial impact and could become, according to some scholars, the next 'Yellow Cab' New Yorkers and replace from the big Crown Victoria, the quintessential dinosaur. Currently assembled in England and Turkey, it uses a 1.8-liter TDCI engine of 110 horsepower, but the torque of 250 Nm should become a standard around the world. The model will be available in America assembles our neighbors to the south and will be available during the year 2012.

Ford Fiesta crossover-type

Little information circulating about this mount would be developed from the platform of the Ford Fiesta and especially the five-door hatchback version. The wheelbase is slightly longer in order to present a more extensive configuration and offer a new version of the Fiesta, this time transformed into compact crossover vehicle and the 2011 template available.

Ford Focus

After its transformation planned in 2010 for marketing as a model in 2011, the Ford Focus as you know at this time, will make way for a new family car based entirely on the platform Europeenne, although the models available in America will be assembled in a factory or americaines. Available as a sedan and five-door hatchback, it will become the second family of products called 'Global', a global dissemination of Ford Fiesta after the models. Needless to remind you that these cars will have new engines ECOnetic.

Ford C-Max

The years following the introduction of the new Ford Focus, you will circulate a new vehicle type compact minivan or crossover on the edges. So a vehicle midway between the Kia Rondo and Mazda5. It will also be designed and developed from the new C1 platform used for the Ford Focus and C-Max European model, assembled in Germany. The C-Max vehicle for America will be assembled in a U.S. factory, the odds of some versions of the Ford Focus, which it should resume its many mechanical elements. The European model currently available, go under the knife before being cloned ...

Ford Kuga

He has just made its entry on the old continent and it is becoming one of the most popular compact SUV out there, the odds of Nissan Qashqai, Volkswagen Tiguan, Toyota RAV4 and Honda CR-V. Currently assembled in Cologne in Germany, it uses the C1 platform and major mechanical components of Focus models. It is already at the design and development of replacing the popular Ford Escape, which should drive on the roads of 2011 as a model 2012. The models for America will be assembled at the factory in Kansas City, is the or is currently assembles the Ford Escape.

The trapezoidal grille

All these new vehicles designed in Europe have one thing in common, the home of trapezoidal grille types and it would be a wish that newcomers North American soil, can offer this very dynamic facies, not to say aggressive ...

Duval Auto

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