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Nissan presents an overview of its ecological vehicles of new generation

Nissan today presents the prototype of a fully electric vehicle and hybrid vehicle an original, both powered by batteries IMPROVED lithium-ion battery. Activities in accordance with its terms NISSAN GT 2012, the company committed itself to play a role as a leader in the design of zero-emission vehicles. In addition, it announced plans to present a fully electric vehicle in 2010 and the market has global scale in 2012.

Electric vehicle

Powered by batteries IMPROVED lithium-ion battery, the prototype of the electric vehicle is an integral part of the extensive program of research and development in matters of Nissan design has zero emission vehicles. This new generation car has front-wheel drive has an inverter and a 80 kW electric motor of recent design. Compact, its batteries IMPROVED Laminated lithium-ion are placed under the floor of the vehicle. Thus, no need to compromise on a cargo space or the size of the cabin. The vehicle serial which will be presented in 2010 will have a profile quite unique and look no current models of Nissan.

Hybrid vehicle

The original hybrid vehicle Nissan is based on two technologies: a high performance propulsion system hybrid rear and a hybrid powertrain in parallel. The vehicle in question was designed for after the exclusive hybrid technology and Nissan's first hybrid powertrain propulsion back. The powertrain is based on a parallel system optimization of energy has two clutches. In this system, an electric motor is directly connected to a transmission and a combustion engine by means of two separate clutches. Under conditions of changing behavior, the electric motor runs a clutch each other to promote energy conservation and optimize its use and to increase the fuel economy.     

The hybrid powertrain in parallel eliminates the need to use a traditional torque converter. This element contributes to increase the nervousness of the motor and the linear acceleration of the vehicle, thereby increasing the driving pleasure.     

Clutches are dotes following dynamic features:

- System to stop idling: The battery is used to power the electric motor, thus promoting fuel economy.

- Driving Standard: The combustion engine is used to power the electric motor and recharge the battery.

- Acceleration: The combustion engine and battery (assistance) propel both the electric motor to facilitate smooth acceleration.

- Deceleration: The energy from braking shall be retained and redirected to recharge the battery.


IMPROVED batteries lithium-ion used in both prototypes are the result of a joint venture between Nissan and NEC, AESC (Automotive Energy Supply Corporation). Compared to metal hydride batteries traditional nickel, these batteries at the cutting edge of technology are distinguished by their performance, reliability, safety, versatility and economic character. Compact-rolled configuration generates twice as much electric power as a traditional metal hydride batteries of nickel cylindrical configuration. In addition, these compact batteries allow improving the general appearance of the vehicle and can be used for a wide range of applications.     

Nissan has a long track record in matters of design electric vehicles: she first developed the first electric vehicle Tama in 1947 The company was then placed on the market the first application in the world of lithium batteries. ion by integrating it to the vehicle electrical Prairie Joy, in 1996, then she sells in 2000 Hypermini, ultracompact electric vehicle. In 1999, Nissan also launched Japan's first original hybrid vehicle, hybrid Tino. In 2006, the Altima Hybrid was launched in North America under a patented technology.     

Accordance with Green Program 2010, Nissan aims to develop new products, services and technologies that can lead to a tangible reduction of emissions of CO (2) vehicles, clean emission and recycling of resources. Nissan continues to commit substantial investments in a wide range of technologies, including a continuously variable transmission, distribution and duration levee has variable opening, clean diesels, biofuels and fuel cell vehicles has.

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