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Porsche Panamera First official information and photos

It's been talking about, but this time it is shaping up more and more towards imminent implementation walk Porsche Panamera. The first sedan Porsche logo present lines and a silhouette whose DNA can be misleading, quite the contrary. On the global chessboard automobile, its main rival will be the Maserati Quattroporte time, while the Aston Martin Rapide sedan should follow the trend, but a much more elevated price. The newcomer Porsche inherited the engines V6 and V8 Cayenne model, obviously adapted to this amazing car, but above all his vocation. Cote powers, navigating between 300 and 500 horses. Even if the latter is scheduled for commercialization begin next spring, the engineers are working Porsche already on a hybrid version, the output should normally follow that of the Cayenne hybrid model, unless ...

Here are the data of the press release from Porsche Canada



Launching a global scale has been 2009

MISSISSAUGA - November 24, 2008 --- Porsche unveiled the first pictures of the new four-door Panamera, almost one year before the date set for its launch on the market. This unique four-seater car Porsche has been conceived as a sports car Grand Tourisme four doors combining many inherent characteristics of Porsche: sporting driving dynamics, spacious interior and supreme comfort of a Gran Turismo. The Panamera is the fourth range proposed by Porsche, dimensions of 911 sports cars, Boxster and Cayman, and the Cayenne SUV.

The designers managed to give the Panamera a completely new and unique style, while placing it in the lineage of the other Porsche models. The Panamera stands out from other vehicles in its segment for its size: with a width of 1931 mm and a height of 1 418 mm in height, it is wider and lower than comparable four other doors. Its silhouette is distinctive GT defined by an overall length of 4970 mm and by door-to-short overhangs conferring a sporty character. Its style and its wealth of details, the Panamera remains faithful to the philosophy of elaborate design and refined for decades on the 911 and also carried out successfully on the Boxster, Cayman and Cayenne.

The style and aesthetic propels the Panamera in a new segment. The symbiosis between the typical characteristics of a sports car, from the world cups, and a unique interpretation of the sedan, the benefits associated with a variable modular cockpit, confer on the new Porsche unparalleled stylistic signature. Thus, the Panamera is endowed with air intakes to pronounce contours instead of a conventional grille. Passages striking wheel and the slender hood, with wings to pronounce curve bordering the flat front cover, reminiscent of the typical aesthetic of the front of the Porsche 911 that customers are fond of for over 45 years. V joints along the cover and bezel, ending in arrow point to the rear, are also characteristics of a sports car. Shoulders muscles overlooking the rear wheels, the roof line inspired cuts and caps Exhaust visible are typical items of Porsche.

The elegant curve of the roof line has a spacious interior. Thanks to the unique architecture and sporting character of the interior, occupants will experience an atmosphere reminiscent of a cockpit and whatever occupies the seat. All occupants enjoy supreme comfort additionally offered by the seats front and rear wrap. The safe houses readily accommodate all passengers' luggage; The modular concept of the cockpit, with the rear seats to fold folder, lets you change the loading space according to individual needs. Finally, the tailgate facilitates access to the trunk have safe while conferring a sporty look and exquisite elegance.

For the Panamera, Porsche has designed powerful and modern engines, reflecting the qualities typical of the brand; V6 and V8 engines shall develop 300 to 500 hp. Some engines adopt a turbocharger and direct injection to make them at once simple and powerful. The transmission of power to the wheels is done through the intermediary of a six-speed manual gearbox or seven-speed PDK box Doppelkupplungsgetriebe Porsche, also called a dual-clutch box.

In addition to propulsion versions, a high-end version of the Panamera adopting an integral transmission of the most sophisticated series, which will be available as an option on other models. Porsche Panamera has also prepared a particularly simple hybrid engine. Further details on engines, gearboxes, performance, prices and equipment will be unveiled next spring.

The Porsche Panamera will be built in the Leipzig Porsche factory or a production hall with an area of ​​22,000 square meters and a logistics center are currently under construction. Engines for the Panamera will be manufactured to the main Porsche factory in Zuffenhausen, while the Volkswagen plant in Hanover will be charged with the production of items of body painted. The Leipzig plant then assemble the Panamera for final delivery. Annual sales of approximately 20,000 units it is expected. Porsche collaborate once again with German suppliers, and nearly 70% of the overall value of the vehicle is of German origin.

The Panamera will debut on the world market in the spring of 2009 and the first models will arrive at dealerships in late summer.

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