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General Motors will make cuts in five of its plants

General Motors (GM) will extend the planned production stops during the time of holidays or make further cuts in its five factories, including in Oshawa, Ontario, when the company has to face the difficulties of the industry American car and fight to remain solvent.

GM said Friday it planned to close the Oshawa truck plant sooner than expected. The company had announced in June that it would close by 2010, leading to the loss of 2,600 jobs. The new closing date was not known Friday. GM also slow the speed of assembly lines in two plants.

These changes will not be the last, GM wishing to save as much as possible until the U.S. Congress passes a bailout to help the Big Three automakers in Detroit.

The company also announced Friday that changes will result in increased production of some models in five other U.S. plants.

GM therefore cancel a week of stop planned production plant in Missouri, and maintain or restore the additional time in four Michigan, Tennessee, Texas and Indiana.

Regarding affected by the cuts factories, factory workers in Ohio, Michigan and Kansas were advised that their frozen time of holidays will be extended until 12 or 20 January. At the Oshawa plant, the assembly line of the Chevrolet Impala will remain closed for an additional week starting January 12.

The automaker usually closes its factories for a period of two weeks around the period of Christmas and New Year's Day and reopens during the first week of January. But as sales of vehicles that have decreased 15 percent in the United States and 20 percent for GM in the first nine months of the year, the closures were prolonged.

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