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Towing companies are seeing a rise in fuel starvation

Towing companies active in major agglomerations of the country say find a more fuel starvation on the roads since the cost of fuel increases.

With the outbreak of prices, more and more drivers reduce the amount of gas they buy at the pump, in the hope that prices will come down next time they will return to the station.

Glen Comeau, the owner of Towing West Island, Montreal, claims to have been an increase in the number of drivers graves down, gasoline fault on the roads of the region. "To save four, five or ten cents, they will take a chance and roll has five fifteen kilometers more," he says.

Several firms have exclusive towing contract with the Ministry of Transport, Mr. Comeau but stressed that he had no right to deliver gasoline and the vehicle must be down trailers up to a service station . Towing costing $ 118.52, he said.

According to the Surete du Quebec, a motorist can be fined $ 300 and four demerit points if taken a walk along a road with a petrol container in the direction of a service station .

In Toronto, Joey Gagne, the company Abrams Towing, said receive 40 percent more calls daily from motorists out of gas. 30 to 40 per day, the number of calls received within 60 password is in the region of southern Ontario that his company serves. He advises motorists not to take any chances by continuing to run the red light when the petrol gauge lights and the needle points to "E" for "empty tank".

"Some vehicles may still run 10 kilometers, some 40 more (...). Each vehicle is different." The amount of fuel remaining in the tank can even vary from one vehicle to another, for the same model. He suggested that drivers always keep their tank at least a quarter full, because a payday is expensive.

For its part Randy Sorley, owner of a firm tow Maple Ridge, British Columbia, did not notice an increase in the number of vehicles out of gas in the region, but noted a decline 25 percent of road traffic and a decrease in the demand for tow trucks. In his opinion, the gas prices encourage people to find other means of getting to and back from work.

The price of gasoline was $ 1.41 per liter on Sunday in Montreal.

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