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According to the CAA, 2011 was marked by increases in the price of gasoline

According to the CAA, the year 2011 was marked by the rising price of gasoline. We fully agree!

Here is the statement received for this purpose ...

Quebec, February 2, 2012 - The average 20% increase in the price of a liter of gasoline at the pump in Montreal, Quebec and Sherbrooke was in 2011 compared to 2010 represents assuredly the highlight in the 2011 review of the CAA-Quebec essence. Thus, in these three cities motorists had to pay on average 20 cents more than the previous year for each liter of gasoline, which represents $ 450 more annually for an owner of a Dodge Caravan and $ 310 for Honda Civic who traveled 20,000 km.

Retail margin increases

Although partly attributable to rising petroleum indicators that directly affect the price at the pump, that is to say, the price of a barrel of oil as well as refined gasoline, the increase in the price of gasoline at the pump is also due to the increase in the average retail margin.

Thus, the retailers in the region of Montreal have levied an average of 5.8 cents, or 16% more than last year, for every liter of gasoline sold. In Quebec, increasing the margin was 5% to 6 cents / liter. We also denote an increase of 27% margin Retail Sherbrooke. This is increased from 4.5 cents / liter in 2010 to 5.7 cents / liter in 2011.

Across Quebec will also tasted

We can state this same trend for the regions of Centre-du-Quebec with an increase of 64% (the average retail margin remains there all the same one of the lowest in Quebec) as well as with the Mauricie top of 73%. 3 cents / liter in 2010, this margin detail now stands at 5.2 cents / liter in Mauricie, an increase of more than 2 cents / liter.

"It is clear that this trend was reflected in a majority of regions of Quebec. Direct consequence for motorists who reside in these areas is quite simple: they paid more for every liter of fuel purchased in their respective regions, "says Sophie Gagnon, assistant vice-president for public and government relations CAA- Quebec.

Given that the regions of Quebec and Montreal are the two biggest markets in the province in terms of sales volume and the number of gas stations, it is very intriguing again for CAA-Quebec found that the margin of detail these two regions remains higher than the average of all regions of Quebec, which has established a 5.3 cents / liter according to the calculations made by CAA-Quebec from published by the Regie de l'energie data. "Yet, as a commercial basic principle, one would have to expect smaller margins and prices or the sales volume of a product is more important. However, this is not what we observe, on the contrary, "says Gagnon.

Saguenay in a class apart

Motorists Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean and those of Chibougamau have benefited several times from prices in Quebec. With a margin to detail that has remained relatively stable at 4.8 cents / liter, below the provincial average, retail Saguenay sold their gasoline up to 10 cents / liter cheaper than in Quebec City at certain times. On several occasions the same, the price at the pump is approaching the acquisition cost of gasoline, or the replacement cost to be paid by the trader to fill its tanks.

"Some regions like Saguenay benefit from a reduction of the provincial fuel tax to offset the higher costs of transport. However, it is appropriate to ask questions about the real impact of this tax reduction when we see prices at the pump are unbeatable, and it has repetition. Of course, motorists benefit today, but this trend continues since 2010 is puzzling, "says Gagnon.

The eve of congestion

In Montreal, we note 4 increases and 4 decreases at dawn 8 congestion. In one case, the day before the long weekend of Thanksgiving, the increase could be explained by the movement of the indicators. A Quebec (4 drops, 2 increases and 2 periods of stability) also, CAA-Quebec has a repertorie the same time an increase incompatible with the market. Finally, the same scenario for Sherbrooke (2 drops, 1 up to 5 periods of stability), or only increase is not an explanation.

Price pump vs realistic prices CAA-Quebec

In Montreal, the price at the pump was higher 109 days on 247 - or 44% of the time - the realistic price calculated daily by CAA-Quebec and publishes on its microsite Gasoline. In Quebec, 125 days are counted or the price was greater, or 51% of the time. And interesting fact, a Sherbrooke, the price at the pump has been higher than the realistic price in a proportion of 75%.

Some statistics

Average price and the higher price

The average price of gasoline in Montreal was 131.1 cents / liter compared to 108.3 cents / liter in 2010. A Quebec, the price will have been 128.1 cents / liter in 2011, while stood was 106.6 cents / liter in 2010. Regarding de Sherbrooke, the average price at the pump rose to 128.2 cents / liter in 2011 compared to 105.6 in 2010, an increase 21%. The higher price observed at Montreal was 144.9 cents / liter on May 11 and Quebec, 145.4 cents / liter on 11 and 12 May Finally, a Sherbrooke, it is high is 138.4 cents / liter on 8 and 9 September.

Price per barrel of oil

While the price of a barrel of West Texas Intermediate (WTI) rose from U.S. $ 89.38 to U.S. $ 99.36 from 4 January 2011 and 28 December 2011, the Brent rose from U.S. $ 93.17 a U.S. $ 108.14 for increases of 11 and 16%.

Price of gasoline refined

In 2011, refined gasoline for his past from 237.36? / U.S. gal 5 January was 267.94? / U.S. gal December 29, an increase of nearly 13%.

Refining margin

During recent years, while WTI could be used to determine the refining margin in Quebec, and that, even if the refineries Quebec rather plain Brent in 2011, this way of doing is not right. Historically, we must know the values ​​of WTI and Brent were substantially the same until the political unrest occurring in the Middle East, giving rise to a rapid increase in the value of Brent. In this context of sudden and unanticipated, CAA-Quebec can have an overview of the refining margin on Brent perceived. However, it is possible to establish the average refining margin Brent between early October 2011 and the end of December 2011 was 8.2 cents / liter. As it was, the refining margin WTI has established 20.1 cents / liter. In 2012, CAA-Quebec will be able to bring a better judgment on the average refining margin.

CAA-Quebec, an organization non-profit founded in 1904, provides a 1.1 million service members and privileges in the fields of automotive, travel, residential and financial services.

According to the CAA, 2011 was marked by increases in the price of gasoline picture #1

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