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Suzuki SX4 FCV, we finally pass the road test

The Japanese manufacturer is working since 2001 in many legitimate association with General Motors, in the design of cars powered by a fuel cell fed with hydrogen. At first, they used models of Wagon-R and the results were rather disappointing.

But since they use as a basis for development, the Suzuki SX4, the exercise took almost exemplary turn in Japan, so much so that the Japanese Ministry of Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, has authorized Suzuki has reach the stage of testing on Japanese roads.

Suzuki SX4 FCV put on the road as prototypes, use a battery has called a high performance provided by GM and that drink is the hydrogen fuel.

A security purposes obviously, the car uses a pressure tank of hydrogen was high (70 MPA) combines a compact capacitor, which aims to recover the energy stored during braking and thus reduce the load carried by the pile a fuel.

According to the data of the manufacturer, the fuel cell of the Suzuki SX4 FCV allows power 80kW, while the electric motor develops 92 hp (68 kW). The car ad a top speed of 150 km / h, but whose autonomy is only 250 km, at least for the moment. Something to make with hardly du Pont Jacques-Cartier Bridge in Quebec ...

Suzuki SX4 FCV, we finally pass the road test picture #1

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