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Rogers and Sprint: access to high speed Internet car

Rogers Communications (TSX: RCI.B) and the American wireless provider Sprint account services provide Canadians with access to high-speed Internet aboard their vehicles through service announcement Thursday.

The cost of the project, service rates and launch date have not been precise in the joint communique issued by the two companies, which operate two of the largest telecommunications networks in North America.

Rogers and Sprint says the service will be available from automakers offering the Sprint Velocity platform in Canada, who will benefit from wireless networks to connect Rogers vehicles on the road.

The vehicles with _ Sprint Velocity platform already available in the United States _ have access to news, sports scores, weather bulletins, aid navigation and vehicle diagnostics, particularly from the dashboard, have said the two suppliers.

Sprint Velocity also offers connectivity for mobile devices like smart phones and tablets.

Rogers suggests that Canadians wanted to "be branches or are at all times."

And with over 20 million vehicles on Canadian roads, "there is a significant potential for growth in the market for Rogers connected cars," he says vice-president to advanced business solutions in Rogers, Mansell Nelson.

The market for connected cars is expected to grow on a global scale. Of research data indicate that there will be about 100 million connected cars on the roads by 2016.

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