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Thousands of children are exposed to cigarette smoke in cars

A survey conducted for the Mount Sinai Hospital revealed that smoking quebecois five smoke inside a car in the presence of children.

The Mount Sinai Hospital of Montreal are sorry that several quebecois smokers and more particularly young smokers are insensitive to multiple measurements informing them of adverse effects on health of tobacco. According to a survey conducted by Leger on smoking in Quebec, one quarter of smokers in the presence of minors, and one in five was inside their vehicle, in the presence of minors. Note that found in cigarette smoke over 4000 chemicals, at least 250 are known for their harmfulness and over 50 for their carcinogenic effect and that children regularly exposed to secondhand smoke tobacco are more likely to develop respiratory diseases such as asthma.

Web survey realized on behalf of Mount Sinai Hospital Montreal, specializing in respiratory care, including reveals that 65% of smokers in Quebec have started smoking at the age of 17 years or less and 27% of young smokers aged 16 to 17 years of age consider smoking as not being little or not at all dangerous to health. 

"Despite all the efforts, warning against the dangers of smoking on health, diagnosis of lung diseases is increasing in recent years," says Dr. Marc Baltzan, a pulmonologist Hospital Mont- Sinai - Montreal. "It is deplorable to note that even today, one in five smokers, the majority is senior between 16 and 24 years, finds that smoking does not increase the risk of contracting a serious illness. We must redouble our efforts and establish new measures to educate young people about the dangers of smoking, "he added.

Respiratory diseases associated with smoking such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), the most frequent are chronic bronchitis and emphysema, are part of the third cause of death in Quebec and that every hour, a Canadian in deceased. World, smoking is the cause of 22% of cancer mortality and 71% of deaths from lung cancer, according to WHO. The study of health services and social services of Quebec Commission indicates that smoking causes direct health costs and indirect amounted to $ 5 billion per year. Quitting smoking remains the first step to do in the prevention and treatment of COPD.

The Web survey was conducted by Leger from 4 to 14 July 2013 FROM 1004 Quebec smokers aged 16 years and older. 66% of regular smokers were consuming an average of 16.6 cigarettes per day, everyday.

The survey revealed that:

Sign of dependence, 49% of smokers have their first cigarette of the day 30 minutes or less after the alarm, more than a third within 5 minutes of their waking

45% of smokers say they are concerned about their weight

21% of smokers in secret around them, and 11% of their employer

On average, smokers out to the outer 3 times on the outside to smoke during a day of work or school and nearly 20% out 4 or more times

61% of smokers describe their smoking as a bad habit or a drug

22% say they plan their schedule according cigarette breaks

34% of smokers aged 16 to 17 years smoke to get a sense of belonging, or because their friends or colleagues smoke

80% of smokers Quebecois have tried to quit an average of 4.5 times and only half had their announcement near the last time

61% of smokers feel physical symptoms or diagnosed with a serious illness is their main incentive to stop smoking

About Mount Sinai Hospital Montreal

Since its founding in 1909, The Mount Sinai Hospital has always been synonymous with excellence. Today, the hospital is an institution pioneering specialized in respiratory care, palliative care and long term care. In this teaching hospital of 107 beds, edges and McGill University's accredited with honors by Accreditation Canada, research and ambulatory services play a preponderant role.

At Mount Sinai Hospital - Montreal, what matters to us is not only what we do but how we do it. We offer a holistic approach that considers the patient and his environment as a whole. Because that beyond the patient's treatment, there is concern for his welfare.

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SOURCE Mount Sinai Hospital

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