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Driver quebecois search reliable and efficient vehicle

According To a recent survey, six Selection Criteria Most Important to purchase a vehicle in Quebec are the price (69%) and reliability (69%) and maintenance costs (48%), road holding (39%), brand (29%) and interior design (26%). Apart from the issue price Almost All All All which is universal, the Majority of Quebecois prioriseraient reliability and efficiency (27%), while for the rest of us, it Would Be the picture and brand (29%).

The survey by Redshift Research Realized On Behalf Of Kijiji aussi unveiled the Quebecois Would be safer drivers since only 36% of Respondents claim to-have damaged Their car, against 64% in the rest of the country. By cons, with regard to practices Maintaining Quebec are below the national results. For example, while 66% of Canadians Would Regularly check the tire pressure, the Quebecois Would Be 54% to do so. That Said, odd if only half of the Quebecois Reparent anytime Their damage to vehicle, 84% still manage to keep it more than odd HAS oven years. In addition, a little over a third of Quebecois (33%) Would have a car Whose age varies Between five and nine years, and more than half (53%) Would be afforded a new one to replace a vehicle HAVING Reached the end of icts Useful life.

Business roll for used vehicles

The two Major Reasons Given to justify buying a used car in Quebec are Primarily related to the price with 61% of Respondents Say That the cars are too expensive and Nearly a quarter think They are not worth the difference in price. In all cases, more than three quarters of the Quebec population (80%) already-have-been owners of a used vehicle.

"These data testify to the fact occupy a preponderant That cars in the fleet INSTEAD of Quebecois. As we are the wide wide large largest website selling used cars assets in Quebec, this reality is reflected into the Kijiji website frequentation and activity in the province," Said Marc-Andre Hade Kijiji.

Indeed, in the "Cars & vehicles" category Kijiji, in the space of two years, the number of new listings and responses-have Increased by 74% and 69% respectively, and the number of visitors by only 47%. The number of views of this category aussi Believed 82% since 2010 to more 398 million Establish in 2012. More than 137,000 vehicles sold Were, an Increase of 64%. The total value of transactions related to the automobile in 2012 is Estimated at $ 1.2 trillion more, up 52% ​​since 2010.

Other highlights of the survey:

The preferred types of services: the verification and change oil (77%);

A larger share of cars in Quebec is blue (21%), while in the rest of Canada, it is the silvery color That Dominates (20%);

In Their dreams, the Quebecois drive BMWs (16%), Mercedes-Benz (11%) and Lexus (8%);

In fact, the Quebecois driving Chevrolet (15%), Hyundai (13%) and Honda (11%).

Following a survey, Kijiji HAS taken care to Develop guidance for buyers and sellers of used cars.

About the survey

This global online survey WAS Conducted in January 2013 by Redshift Research on Behalf of Kijiji, eBay Classifieds Group member (eCG) in ten countries (Argentina, Australia, Canada, Colombia, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands and United Kingdom), 10.054 to assist motorists, Including 1,016 Canadians, Including 226 of Quebec. 73% of the probes in Quebec-have Chosen to do in french. The margin of error on the results of national level is + / - 3.1% confidence limits ranging 95%.

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