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Audette Racing Soon, a half-century race

On the slopes of Quebec and elsewhere

It is indeed in 1965 at the age of 18 years Francois Audette debuted a long career in racing! There will be a half-century in less than two years in 2015.

Now president and general manager Audette Racing Team, Francois continues to follow closely the career of his son Mathieu and Remy who catches the sting speed very young to follow in the footsteps of the father.

For father is in the world of karting, then called GO-KARTS it initiates a running 1965 to 1969 accumulating victories and championships along the way both in Canada and internationally Karting Championship Federation (IKF) in the United States.

In 1969, he became a mechanic and part-time instructor at the school Jim Russell Racing Mont Tremblant or he obtained his pilot's license road circuit. Of 1970 he participated in the Quebec Championship aboard a Cooper S.

Francois has also participated in races on board the Mazda RX100, Porsche 1968 Honda and the famous Flying Championships Quebecois and Honda Michelin Series in the year 1976 or 1979 he won victories and ascend the podium regularly.

Of 1980, he takes a break from shopping to take care of his career and his family. In 1982 he resumed service and became an instructor and pilot Karts F125 or it will be champion in 1983 and 1984.

New break in his career from 1984 to 1990 to start his own company Dimensions Doors, a manufacturer of base then doors in an industrial park in St-Eustache. He returned in 1990 to 1995 to participate in the Honda Michelin Series before making the transition to Stock-Car in 1995 Autodrome St-Eustache on Howe Sportsman 1995 with the number 53 which he won great victories.

First in series Grand Regional or it accumulates 9 wins in 16 participations his first season before graduating in Sportsman category in 1996 or he will end his career active driver.

Succession Audette Racing

These are the son of Francois, Mathieu and Remy who had their first laps in the cadet class in karting in 1991, will take over at the age of 9 years and 7 years for Mathieu Remy.

After a break of several years while dad is still running stock car in St-Eustache, they come both in 2000 125 ICC class or they get very good results in the race.

Mathieu will be the champion class in 1992. Resume It tracks a few years later 2000 2002 Class F-125 and F-ICC before graduating FSAQ championship in 2003 and 2004 after obtaining a scholarship * * Best Hope that will allow him to follow the course of the Barber school and get his pilot's license road racing. It will become the third of his 1994 season champion Formula Ford series in 1600, the name of the series then.

It will make the transition sedan class Hankook Touring Championship in 2006 aboard a Acura RSX where he finished first in the overall standings. In 2007, he took a few occasions in the championship with Team Lombardi Honda to return one year later with his own Acura RSX - Audette Racing / Novatech Doors Dimensions.

2008 to 2012, he participated sporadically championship CTCC (Canadian Touring Car Championship) on Acura RSX Audette Racing Team. Mathieu is now director of marketing for the family business and young family father leaving him less time for racing.

In 2013, he took only a few local races at Circuit ICAR has Tremblant and the Grand Prix de Trois-Rivieres where he blurs maps championship contenders CTCC climbing on the podium a few times alternating with the younger Remy . Together they swept the medals in the events they have decided to participate "for the fun run locally for our sponsors," concludes Mathieu during our meeting between two business meetings at the offices of the main plant of the company Dimensions Doors and Windows in Boisbriand.

The younger Remy Audette:

He also made his first of all very young track or at the age of 7 years in the company of his father and elder brother of 1991 before returning to the sport in 2000 F125 class.

In his second season in the class F-125 ICC he finished second in the championship and also participated in the driving school BASI it succeeds handily. It will last a year of karting in 2002 before moving to Formula Ford in 2003 where he finished 11th with only a few appearances at the end of season Championship Quebec.

In 2004, he finished second at the same championship Formula Ford 1600. Thirteenth in 2005 with only a few appearances and third in 2005 behind his brother the champion of the season.

It was in 2006 that will in turn champion of the series before making an important transition in 2008 by joining the F2000 Championship in the United States or are found regularly grids over 30 has fins and Formulas slicks.

At its first partial season, he finished in ninth place overall. Third in 2008, he won the championship in 2011, his third and final season in this series very competitive with our neighbors to the south.

Remy is also part of the senior management of the family business for several years and he has only played a few races to play with the big brother of the Acura RSX in 2011 and 2012 before spending the winter to prepare a new Honda Civic Si in preparation for the 2013 season where he will grab some wins alternating with Mathieu each output.

During the Spring Classic at Circuit Mont-Tremblant, Mathieu is climbing on the highest step of the podium on Saturday, the second Remy finished first Saturday of Sunday's race.

We have reviewed later in August in the Grand Prix de Trois-Rivieres or Mathieu won the race on Friday evening following the abandonment creve retching Remy who led the way since the launch of the race with Mathieu in his rear bumper.

For the race on Sunday it was the turn of Matthew to abandon after a collision with a latecomer to a Remy climb on the podium in turn. Participation Team Audette Racing Grand Prix of Trois-Rivieres will be their last release of the 2013 season, both being too busy to launch the windows division of the family business.

Meanwhile we'll see possibly three clan members Audette Racing * free * lapping ICAR Mirabel or father continues to have fun with one of his toys preferes or the 2012 Mustang Shelby GT 500 760 horses or its very successful 2005 Honda S2000 modified to 343 horsepower to the wheels.

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