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GM and BMW end testing using a rapid charging station DC

The electric Chevrolet Spark and the BMW i3 are the first to Obtain a 80% load in 20 minutes

After several days of trials seal, engineers from General Motors and BMW AG-have Concluded That rapid charging stations DC HAS several suppliers Will load the battery of an electric vehicle to 80% in about 20 minutes.

The first electric vehicles enjoy the new SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) industry in matters of fast charging current is the electric Chevrolet Spark and the BMW i3.

This early confirmation of equipment and software HAS fast load current Will speed up efforts to build infrastructure fast charging current SAE live over the coming months. ABB, Aker Wade, Eaton and IES Were Among the suppliers Participating in the trials.

"This collaborative Between providers Unprecedented & Parts Demonstrates the maturity of this significant technology to Facilitate the adoption of electric vehicles around the world," stresses Britta Gross, Director of Policy marketing tip GM vehicles.

The Major Automakers HAVE ADOPTED the standard connector 120 V/240 V rechargeable SAE That Ensures vehicles May use Any charging infrastructure, eight manufacturers - GM, Ford, Chrysler, BMW, Daimler, Volkswagen, Audi and Porsche - Committed Themselves to adopt a fast load DC CAS connector to Ensure standardization of connectors HAS fast load current.

"The goal of this cooperation is to Ensure That position HAS fast charging current is available to Provide customers with a BMW i3 experience rapid charging upper in time for the arrival of the BMW i3, STATED Fietzek Cliff, Director, Advanced e-mobility at BMW of North America LLC. We are pleased to-have Achieved our goal. "

This new charging connector combined Enables quick loading and alternating current by means clustering clustering of a single dose of vehicle and the load on the electricity to flow Allows more quickly. It is more convenient and reliable to use for drivers Have you not do-have a charging station at home. Allows fast load current electric vehicle owners to load Their battery HAS 80% in less than 20 minutes.

"This trial is significant step underscores our commitment That succeeded to the new generation of electric vehicles, says Cal Lankton, director of infrastructure for charging electric vehicles ABB in North America. Offering a wide-range of load year, we can fully meet the Needs drivers of electric vehicles and infrastructure providers. "

The fast load option is DC shoulds be available A Few Effective months the launch of the Chevrolet Spark Electric in California and Oregon this summer.

Source: GM

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