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A first terminal of fast charging for electric circuit


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Charging stations in the heart of Old Montreal


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Saint-Georges, Beauce joins the electric circuit


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The supply of electric circuit now exceeds 200 terminals in Quebec


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The City of Montreal joins the electric circuit

The electric circuit, the largest network of public charging of Quebec, is pleased to improve the supply of public charging for electric vehicles by integrating a charging 400-volt fast its network, a first in Quebec. The installed terminal has the rotisserie St-Hubert de Boucherville, located at 500 Albanel street, is available today for all drivers of all electric vehicles equipped with the option of fast charging.

"The Electric Circuit is pleased to diversify its offer and add a first quick charge port terminals to about 230 to 240 volts currently on duty, said Pierre-Luc Desgagne, Vice President - Public and Governmental Affairs Hydro- Quebec. To date, the electric circuit is the only public charging network in Quebec to offer this type of recharge, which covers all models of electric vehicles equipped for such a refill. "

To recharge at this point, electric vehicle drivers must, if they do not already, get a map of the electrical circuit by visiting site. During the period of launch, fast charging will be offered at the same rate as the recharge 240 volts, charging $ 2.50, regardless of the length thereof. The rate for fast charging will be revised at the end of the launch period.

The electric circuit also wishes to emphasize the close collaboration of the Saint-Hubert rotisserie Boucherville, home terminal and has participated in recent trials.

The quick charge port testing in Quebec

Terminal commissioning today including tests used to realize fast charging in the largest demonstration project of all electric vehicles in real conditions, which was completed Boucherville during the last year.

The tests concluded that ideal conditions, about 30 minutes to an all electric vehicle industry a quick charge port recovers 80% of the charge of the battery. Ideal conditions are a temperature above 15 ° C and an initial low battery. In winter at low temperature, the duration of the recharge terminal 400 volts can increase significantly, which is not the case with the terminal has 240 volts, which is not influenced by ambient temperature.

Recall that the main recharge is done at home, or the vehicle is parked most of the time. When drivers of electric vehicles wishing to extend the life of their vehicle, they can count on across a 240 volt electrical circuit, which are present in large numbers in the area and are accessible to all. And if their all electric vehicle is equipped with the option of fast charging, terminal 400 volts gives them an advantageous opportunity: back on the road faster.

"The offer fast charging is complementary to the offer recharge 240 volts and has even our network. We can thus answer more specifically to all the needs in matters of charging for electric vehicles, "said Mr. Desgagne.

The largest demonstration project of all electric vehicles: convincing results

The test program 30 vehicles all electrical leads of December 2010 to June 2013 was a success. Among its conclusions, there is the satisfaction of participants and businesses that have greatly appreciated among others the experience of driving these vehicles. Nearly half of them have even purchased an electric vehicle at the end of the test program. For participants in the pilot project, charging at home would have been sufficient in the majority of displacements, and many believe that any electric vehicle can very well serve as the main vehicle of a home, winter and summer.

Recall that this pilot project in Boucherville by Hydro-Quebec is the most important test of any electric vehicles in real conditions of Canada program. Realized in collaboration with the City of Boucherville and Mitsubishi Canada, he has tracked the habits and driving behavior of 31 drivers from 27 companies and organizations. Approximately 740 000 km were traveled in total, which helped to avoid the issuance of approximately 104 tonnes of GHGs.

The Electric Circuit

The electric circuit remains a major initiative in the deployment of the charging infrastructure needed to support the arrival of electric vehicles and rechargeable Quebec.

The electric circuit is the largest network of public charging in Quebec and currently has 230 charging stations at 240 and 400 volt service, including in the parking AMT and several RONA stores, grocery stores and rotisseries Metro St-Hubert in Quebec. Since its inauguration in March 2012, 51 private and institutional partners have joined the electric circuit. Continues its expansion so that it provides greater geographical coverage and it handles a large number of electric vehicle drivers in several regions of Quebec.

Users of electric circuit beneficient a telephone helpline operates 24 hours on 24 and managed by CAA-Quebec and a locator service terminals. The Electric Circuit Web site is updated as and as new terminals are brought into service or deployed. 

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