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The American Authorities record the displacements of all vehicles

A U.S. organization of defense of civil liberties That says Police Forces across the country gather millions of digital data on the movement of vehicles circulating in the United States, Obtained through automated scanners.

In a report released Wednesday, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) claims to the existence of Discovered-have tens of Thousands of automated scanners distributed everywhere on the American territory.

These scanners are installed on police vehicles, bridges and buildings, and can record the license and pictures of passing vehicles or stations are flat. The Police Then send this information in data banks That Can Be Accessed odd for weeks or years later.

This monitoring, All All which Applies to all vehicles bearing a registration plate, Particular Allows Authorities to Know Where a person went for a precise day, odd if That Person HAS done nothing wrong.

Those responsible for the implementation of the legislation argue That this practice is lawful and it helps the policy holder in Their Work.

The approval of a judge is required to follow a vehicle with a satellite system, a statue the Supreme Court of the United States in 2012. Aim the network of automated scanners Allows officers to monitor the displacements of a motorist, sometimes several times in a day without too many legal restrictions.

The ACLU Believes That The network scanners is "a high resolution image of our lives."

"There is a Fundamental Question to ask: Are we living in a society Where the vast routine monitoring systems Become" Has Launched Catherine Crump, a lawyer for the ACLU.

The organization Believes That stricter rules are Necessary in matters of automobile surveillance. She Asked the police time to time immediately delete all data related to That Are not a crime.

By Anne Flaherty

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