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The number of vehicles imported from the United States surged during the first half

The number of vehicles imported into Canada from the United States during the first half of 2008 more than doubled compared to the same period of 2007, to establish a 151,169, according to data published Friday by ImportTrader a company that helps consumers and merchants Canadian cars import vehicles from the United States.

The 2007 record should be beaten this year, stressed ImportTrader, explaining that much of the volume of these imports is fed by consumer demand.

In a statement, ImportTrader indicates that with the Canadian and American currencies have near parity, the vehicles are usually less expensive in the United States.

ImportTrader argues that Canadian consumers have become very aware of the savings associated with the importation of American vehicles and actively shop to obtain American vehicles.

According to Mark Sandelin, the CEO of ImportTrader, it seems that the only thing that can stop Canadians is the confusion that reigns around the import process, but with a little help everyone can happen. Some Canadians buy American vehicles from local dealers who hold inventories of such vehicles, while others buy themselves of American merchants. Other undertake themselves import procedures, often with the help of specialized companies.

Import volumes of vehicles from the United States increased by more than 55 percent over the past two years. This year, from January to June, each month, they have more than doubled compared to the corresponding month of 2007.

The number of vehicles imported from the United States surged during the first half picture #1

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