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Renault Megane RS Red Bull Racing RB8 draw a boundary

Renault and Red Bull Racing celebrate Their third title of World Champion Formula 1 Constructors with the limited series Megane RS Red Bull Racing RB8.

For the second consecutive year, Megane RS caries the colors of the Red Bull Racing Stable. A seductive limited series, at the forefront of technology in the pure spirit Renault Sport.

An exclusive look, partnership teams design of Renault and Red Bull Racing

The exclusive color Blue Crepuscule is Directly inspired the iconic blue of the firm. At the rear and on the sides, the Red Bull Racing strippings mark outset of the identity of the limited series. Definitely sporty, it aussi elegant thanks to the presence of platinum gray exterior equipment Emphasizing multiple reflections Blue Crepuscule: F1 blade, door handles, mirrors and rear spoiler shells. Finally, a sticker on the rear quarter panel Celebrated the victory in the Manufacturers World Championship 2012.

On the inside, the limited series always Brings more exclusivity. Red Bull Racing logo sign the aluminum sill numerote and on carpet. Aussi logo found on the headrests of the seats Recaro leather upholstery with new tissue bi-matter.

Ready to break records? The Megane RS Red Bull Racing RB8 is equipped in series tires Bridgestone same as the Megane Trophy record holder around the Nurburgring. These high performance tires are dressed exclusive 19'' rims black with gray edging.

At the forefront of embedded technology with Renault R-Link and RS Monitor 2.0

The limited series marks the arrival of multimedia integrated and connected tablet R-Link is all Megane RS The six universes available (navigation, telephone, multimedia, vehicle, system and catalog of R-Link Store application) are accessible via the touch screen, voice recognition and a joystick Positioned on the center console.

With R-Link, RS monitor switches to 2.0 for the true driving enthusiasts. No need to choose Between the navigation system and telemetry ships thanks to the TomTom Live Proposed by R-Link navigation.

The novelties of R. S. Monitor 2.0?

a new, more pleasant and intuitive interface taking advantage of the 7'' color display of R-Link,

a Welcome Screen Specific Red Bull Racing

Elements of information in 3D

the possibility to recover the data Collected by the system on a USB key,

always and availability in real time of the instantaneous power, 0 to 100 km / h, the diagram GG ...

Megane R. S. foremost

The limited series benefited from all the fundamentals of Megane RS: chassis Cup, limited slip differential and 2.0 to 16V 265 with stop and start (consumption: 7.5 l/100 km *; emissions: 174 g CO2/km *) proven ... technologies illustrating the expertise of Renault Sport.

The limited series Megane RS Red Bull Racing RB8 Will end September 30, 2013.

About Renault F1: 11 titles in 35 years

World Champion title ** Manufacturers F1 for 3rd time in a row with Red Bull Racing and Sebastian Vettel, Renault is the only manufacturer to beat the premium brands and specialists in the pinnacle of motorsport discipline. And it Does not start today. With 500 wide price Their assets Renault engines enjoy a premium level palmares. The excellence of Renault as an engine is Measured with numbers: 151 wins, 200 pole positions, 11 world championship titles and 10 manufacturers of drivers 35 years. These performances are the result of Labor and Acquired skills in the duration positioning as a leading expert Renault engines on track. The formula for success lies in three words: performance, efficiency and robustness.

* Consumption and emission of CO? APPROVED

** As an engine or permanent

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