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Study on petrol: Canadians, Quebecois Especially, taxes are too

A survey Conducted in different regions of Canada Concludes That Canadian motorists, Especially Those in Quebec, paying too much tax on gasoline They buy.

Review: Review: Review: The most recent Statistics Canada data Cited by the Canadian Taxpayers Federation of state do That on average contents contents contents, each Canadian household $ 2.606 Spent Annually for purchase of fuel to carry. An average tax rate of 29 percent Being Applied, so Annually Each family Spends $ 756 to pay taxes.

That adds the Federation this year, Canadian drivers Will pay $ 21.5 billion in various taxes on gasoline, $ 24 Each refueling.

Gregory Thomas, director of the Federation of Canadian Taxpayers, Too Often deplored, accumulate at the expense of motorists taxes: Excise Tax, Federal and Provincial taxes, tax for transit, etc. ....

Mr. Thomas deplored That the excise tax on gasoline HAS Become the equivalent of a Machine for Governments That benefit from the fact That people dollar, for the MOST part, are Obliged to-have recourse to Their vehicle. He Doubts That Canadians are Properly Informed about the use by Governments of thesis income taxes.

Gregory Thomas Noted That aussi significant deviations vary by province, the more taxes Being Those of Quebec motorists. He added That in general, Those Who Resides in urban agglomerations pay off more than others, The Most affected Being Those of Montreal and Vancouver.

It icts website, the Canadian Taxpayers Federation is inviting Canadians to Participate in a petition calling on Governments to stop the various taxes Accumulating That Make bloodless motorists.

Study on petrol: Canadians, Quebecois Especially, taxes are too picture #1

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