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Quebec cars are less intensive in Canada according to a study

The quebecois motorists drive greener than other Canadians according to a study of the Toronto-based DesRosiers Automotive whose "La Presse" is state Monday. To reach this conclusion, the firm identifies all vehicles traveling in the top 25 Canadian cities, calculates their average fuel consumption and ranks cities according to the efficiency of their fleet. The first five places are occupied by the cities of Quebec. In addition to commercial vehicles, the average car consumes 8.9 liters of fuel per 100 km Quebec. The following cities are, in order: Sherbrooke, Trois-Rivieres, Montreal and Saguenay.

The study points out that the Quebecois have always preferred small economic cars, not only because their salaries are generally lower than elsewhere, but also because they perceive the car as a necessary evil, not as an extension of their personality. Canada's automotive capital, Windsor is located at the bottom of palmares as the average car will consume 10.2 L/100km.

The director of the Quebec Association against air pollution, Andre Belisle, for its part considers that the Quebecois no longer run on green paper. In his opinion, the fleet of the province is much dirtier than it looks especially because unlike forty states and provinces of North America, the Quebec program has no mandatory inspection of cars. There are therefore, according to him, more than adults or poorly maintained, therefore, more polluting vehicles.

Quebec cars are less intensive in Canada according to a study picture #1

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