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Porsche is preparing to celebrate 50 years of the 911

The legendary Porsche 911 took shape in 1963 Auto Show in Frankfurt, with the presentation of the 901 concept.

Compliance with its origins

Since then, a sport coupe continues to develop without denying its origins, opting for a healthy evolution of original silhouette, became a reference in the matter, in automotive history.

In addition to its traditional forms, the 911 is still powered by a six-cylinder engine has a flat door-a-fake at the rear of the car.

A special edition

The culprit of the "911" folder, August Achleitner, said very recently has reporters that Porsche intends to emphasize in full 50 years of its legendary cutting.

Moreover, it is likely that next year Porsche offers a 50th anniversary edition of the 911.

We may also believe that September the International Motor Show in Frankfurt, the prestigious German manufacturer will take the opportunity to mark the anniversary, among others, the unveiling of a new concept.

Porsche 911 2013 is a model called 6th generation, whose code name is 991, which was preceded by:

911 code 997 (2004 2012);

Porsche 911 996 code (1997 2005);

Porsche 911 993 code (1993 1998); 

911 code 964 (1988 1994);

Porsche 911 911 code (1973 1989).

Porsche is preparing to celebrate 50 years of the 911 picture #1

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