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Volkswagen is considering to offer an intermediate SUV

At this time, the German manufacturer has two opposing SUV with templates. On the one hand, we find the massive Touareg and the other, the very compact Tiguan.

So there is room to develop a Volkswagen SUV intermediate category, especially since the price gap that separates the two current models is around $ 20,000.

This is the big boss of Volkswagen of America itself, Jonathan Browning, who reached the pole, in an interview he granted a newspaper in Detroit.

This would also be a great opportunity to come together for Volkswagen SUV has its American plant in Chattanooga, where you already assembles the Passat sedan, reserved in U.S. market.

A factory production will increase from 150,000 to 180,000 units in 2013, allowing the creation of 1,000 jobs.

If the intermediate future sports utility vehicle should be product Chattanooga, production was 500,000 units happen annually, simply because it will be sold around the world.

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