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Volkswagen dream has a second assembly plant in America

The German auto giant actually makes double mouthfuls for a few years to plan to become the world number one automotive, 2018. But my little finger tells me he could be here at most five years.

Courtesy some setbacks manufacturer Toyota and more timid than provided for on certain steps emergence, from General Motors-progress. Currently, the Chinese are very fond of vehicles from Audi and Volkswagen.

Very recently, the Audi division of luxury cars and sports Volkswagen Group announced the opportunity to come together in America, well target models.

In addition, Volkswagen has just commemorate the opening of its Chattanooga assembly plant in the United States, or are currently assembles the new Passat, dream already has open a second assembly plant in the country Uncle Sam

If this project were to materialize, the new industrial complex would be responsible for assembling engines and transmissions for some models from Audi and Volkswagen.

Volkswagen dream has a second assembly plant in America picture #1

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