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Quebec invests $ 30 million in the development of electric buses

Premier Jean Charest launch Mobilizing Project of electric buses

The Premier of Quebec, Jean Charest, accompanied by the Minister of Natural Resources and Wildlife and Minister responsible for the Northern Plan, Clement Gignac, announced the launch of the electric bus project. To support this project estimated at $ 73 million, the Government of Quebec allocate financial assistance of $ 30 million to the Consortium Electric Bus. Of this amount, $ 27 million will be used in the realization of an electric bus and $ 3 million to the achievement of an electric microbus, both aluminum.

"The development of the sector of electric vehicles represents a priority for the Government of Quebec. At the heart of this industry, we find innovative, dynamic and committed to the success of this emerging sector companies. They will be supported by research centers of international caliber. We must continue to stimulate research and development of innovative products in order to remain competitive and prosperous. The project announced today represents a unique opportunity for Quebec to become a world leader in this sector of tomorrow, "said the Prime Minister.

Mobilizing Project of electric buses is to design and manufacture two models of electric city buses in aluminum of different lengths, both able to gain a foothold in world markets. The realization of the electric bus is led by six companies: Nova Bus, Bathium Canada, TM4, Giro, Rene Composite Materials and Precicad. For the realization of electric microbus, partners Infodev, Styl & Tech Structures and ICC. Mobilizing Project will be administered by the Electric Bus Consortium, a nonprofit organization created for this purpose. In all, more than 100 people from partner companies will FHLMC in mobilizing project by 2014. Smelters of Quebec, through the Aluminium Association of Canada, will be partners in this consortium investing 1.5 M $ over 4 years in research and development, which will contribute to the achievement of these two buses aluminum.

"The core project of the electric bus fits perfectly with the goal of electrification of transport defined in the 2011-2020 Action Plan on electric vehicles. There is no doubt that the advent of progressive electric buses will contribute to reducing the carbon daily displacements of Quebecers footprint. And every dollar spent to feed a bus hydroelectricity is a dollar that stays in Quebec, a dollar that contributes to the creation of wealth and prosperity to our "stated Minister Clement Gignac.

"The support of the Government in mobilizing project for our electric bus is a Quebec industry unprecedented opportunity to bring to the forefront of the race electric bus of the future. There was at this time a carrier niche in this sector and it is essential that Quebec is in the forefront of the global supply of electric buses. To get there, we need to share our Quebec expertise, both in terms of research on the industry, and this is precisely what the guidance offered in the mobilizing project encourages. This collaboration has already bearing fruit, and the work is just beginning, "said the president of the Consortium Bus Electric, Rene Allen.

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