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Quebec is prepared to pay $ 8000 for your car electric

- Government's action plan on electric vehicles

- Quebec has rolling green power - Government of Quebec unveiled its 2011-2020 Action Plan for Electric Vehicles

The Premier of Quebec, Jean Charest, accompanied by the Deputy Premier, Minister of Natural Resources and Wildlife and Minister responsible for the Northern Plan, Nathalie Normandeau, Minister of Economic Development, Innovation and Export Trade, Mr. Clement Gignac, Minister of Sustainable Development, Environment and Parks, Mr. Pierre Arcand, and the Minister of Transport, Mr. Sam Hamad, today unveiled the first action plan Québécois electric vehicles.

"The 2011-2020 Action Plan on electric vehicles is a key element of our efforts to change our habits on the transport. We will make Quebec a company has the vanguard of sustainable mobility in North America thanks to the use of hydropower. The ultimate goal is to create a chain of displacements individual and collective transport powered by electricity, "stated Premier Jean Charest.

This announcement is part of a company by the Prime Minister to provide the Quebec gait of an action plan on electric vehicles. In total, the Government of Quebec will spend the next year $ 250 million in deployment and use of electric vehicles and the development of the industrial sector. This integrated plan provides for initiatives that aim to:

    * Encourage Quebecois has to turn to electric vehicles;

    * To accelerate the arrival of these vehicles, including the development of charging infrastructure;

    * Support for transport companies that opt ​​for electricity as an energy source;

    * Support the manufacturing of products and components of electric vehicles so that Quebec become a world class player in this new industry.

Hydropower: The main asset of Quebec

"As the fourth largest producer of hydroelectricity, green and renewable energy, the Quebec possesses many assets to stimulate the deployment of electric vehicles on its territory and thus make the transition to a less dependent economy of oil. We are already recognized as a reliable and safe electricity supplier. Moreover, the gap between the price of electricity and the gasoline is more competitive in North America. The choice of electricity in transport is necessary therefore to himself, "has said Minister Normandeau.

An ambitious target

The 2011-2020 Action Plan on electric vehicles present an ambitious target: by 2020, 25% of sales of new light vehicles will be electric passenger vehicles (rechargeable hybrid and all electric), or 118,000 vehicles, which corresponds 5% of the park light vehicles in Quebec.

In addition, by 2030, the Government of Quebec provides for:

    * 1.2 million electric vehicles will drive on the roads in Quebec, 18% of light vehicles present on the roads;

    * There will be a reduction of 3.5 million tonnes of GHG emissions;

    * 1.5 billion liters of gasoline will be saved through electric vehicles, or 17% of our current consumption;

    * 95% of all displacements on the network of public transport use to electricity.

"This action plan reflects the leadership demonstrated by Quebec in the fight against climate change. It will play an important role in addressing the challenge that we have fixed a 2020 is to reduce our emissions 20% below 1990 levels. We target reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in the most ambitious North America and we are proud of. With this action plan, the Quebec could make the transition to a green economy by developing leading-edge expertise in these new technologies, "added Minister Pierre Arcand.

Develop a new industrial filiere

The Quebec possesses a recognized leader in component manufacturing electric vehicle know-how, especially for batteries, electric drive systems and lightweight materials. The Quebec has in these fields, experts in private enterprise and research centers. In several battlements, companies located in Quebec have managed to stand out and to participate in the technological developments in progress, when international companies from the automotive sector perform strategic choice.

The 2011-2020 Action Plan on electric vehicles is the development of innovative and structured products for industrial filiere of electric vehicles. It aims to filiere that is world class. With initiatives announced to promote investment, the Government of Quebec account of private investments generate 500 million dollars in the next year and pass 1 500 5000 the number of direct and indirect jobs in the sector.

"In a context where decisions are being caught and alliances to develop, it is now that Quebec must seize business opportunities and to stand out as a leader in the field of electric vehicles. We are already well on the way and we stand by our expertise in this growing industrial sector. We must continue to stimulate research and development of innovative products to revitalize our industry and make it more competitive. Overall, a more structured continue this filiere to make Quebec a fixture in that relate to electric vehicles technologies, "said Minister Clement Gignac.

"With the electrification of transport, the entire Quebec society is invited to meet the challenge of sustainable mobility and innovation for sustainable development. The revision of the Quebec Public Transit Policy allow the government to clarify its policies to accelerate the electrification of collective transportation, "said Minister Sam Hamad.

A portal dedicated to action plan

The Government of Quebec has launched a new portal dedicated to the 2011-2020 Action Plan on electric vehicles at the following address:

Quebec is prepared to pay $ 8000 for your car electric picture #1

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