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Acura launches a campaign for its 25th anniversary celebration

The program includes free servicing and special financing rates for the rental of 0.25% for 25 months on all 2012 Acura products

Acura Canada has launched the campaign the most audacious marketing its history in preparation for its 25th anniversary will be commemorated February 14, 2012.

"This day marks the launch of our 25th Anniversary at Acura," stated Alexandre Roger, assistant vice president, Acura. "The main message to be broadcast regularly throughout the period of celebration will be:" We are celebrating our 25 years in Canada, but the gifts are intended for customers! " "During this period of celebration that will run until the date of the 25th anniversary Feb. 14, 2012, all 2012 Acura models sold will be accompanied by special financing rates for rental 0.25% for 25 months and free maintenance for 25 months.

"The celebration of the 25th anniversary of Acura will represent a challenging period for buyers of luxury cars in Canada, while the coming years promise to be rich in events with the launch of new models Acura beautiful, two of which will make their entrance on the market at the beginning of the year. "

As part of this campaign, Acura Announces Pricing and special financing rates for the rental of all models in 2012. Acura MDX, 2012, available on presale today for deliveries starting at the end of October , presents the improvements compared to the 2011 model, including the recognition system blind spots Acura now available with the Technology Package MDX. In addition, the MDX Elite model is now endowed with lateral folding mirrors electrically. These improvements are unique to MDX vehicles sold in the Canadian market.

The new 2012 Acura TL, which has been improved considerably in March, is also part of the campaign of celebration of 25 years of the company. Due to the shortage of parts arising from natural disaster occurred in Japan, the availability of the 2012 TL has been limited. Production plants again with a turn at full capacity, the Acura dealers across Canada are beginning to receive a full supply for this vehicle demand.

Acura birth marked the beginning of a bold and successful business, the first brand of luxury vehicles of Japan to its entry in the Canadian market. Created to provide performance, refined aesthetics, advanced technology and unparalleled service to clientele walking imported luxury vehicles, the range of Acura vehicles rose from two models in 1987 (Legend and Integra) has six different models, including three luxury utility vehicles (Acura RDX, MDX and ZDX) and three luxury sedans (Acura TSX, TL and RL).

"Since its launch in 1987, Acura is an integral part of the Canadian market for luxury cars," stated Jerry Chenkin, Executive Vice President of Honda Canada Inc.

"The fact that four out of five Acura vehicles are still on the road almost 25 years after the launch of the brand also confirms that the reputation of durability of the brand is not overrated. We thank the hundreds of thousands of Canadians who have been faithful to the Acura brand for all these years, being seduced by the performance, technology and the high value of its vehicles, and we invite all Canadians to take advantage of special initiatives at Over the next five months the 25th anniversary of the brand. "

To date, more than 400 000 Acura cars and trucks were sold in Canada, one third were built right here at home. In 1987, Acura offered only two models and had 20 dealers across Canada. Since then, the Company continues to grow and now offers six different models and has a network of 49 dealers.

Acura offers a full range of luxury vehicles evolues efficient and technologically. The range of vehicles Acura 2012 includes six different models including highly RL luxury performance sedan, the TL performance luxury sedan, the TSX sports sedan luxury crossover luxury SUV RDX turbocharged engine, the utility vehicle MDX luxury sport built in Canada and the luxury sport coupe ZDX has four doors.

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