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Less pricey costs for maintenance and repairs of the vehicle

Annual expenditures reported by the owners for the maintenance and repair of their vehicles have decreased compared to 2010, while the recovery of the automotive work remains difficult, according to JD Power

NAPA AUTOPRO wins the prize for customer satisfaction among Canadian automotive service providers

Annual expenditures reported by the owners to maintain their vehicles have drop compared to 2010, which reflects the lack of continuous dynamic automotive work in Canada, according to the study in 2011 on the index of fidelity Canadian clients ("2011 Canadian Customer Commitment Index StudyMS") published today by JD Power and Associates.

The market for annual maintenance services for vehicles from four to twelve years back was $ 8.4 billion in 2011 compared to $ 9 billion in 2010, which is largely attributable to the reduction of annual expenditure for maintenance. This decline was due to lower average amount spent per service visit and the number of visits. Overall, the number of maintenance visits has decreased by 9% (2.9 visits per vehicle in 2011, on average, compared to 3.2 visits per vehicle in 2010). In addition, annual expenditures for vehicles of all ages have drop $ 23 on average, the biggest change has been registered for vehicles eight to twelve years. The average annual expenditure for this group of vehicles have declined to $ 736 in 2011 compared to $ 821 in 2010.

"The data from the study suggest that the owners of older vehicles continue to give less importance to the expenses related to maintenance and repairs due to the uncertain economic conditions," said Ryan says Robinson, head of Canadian automotive industry, JD Power and Associates. "This creates an environment more competitive for automotive service brands that compete for their share of this market slowing. "

The study measures the attitudes towards the service, the degree of satisfaction and loyalty of owners whose vehicles are between four and twelve years. The overall customer satisfaction is measured based on five important factors related services obtained: the process that the owner brings the vehicle to service; competence of the service advisor; installations; quality of work performed; and return or regain control of the vehicle. The study evaluates customer satisfaction has services received as well as dealers of secondary market institutions.

NAPA AUTOPRO, with an overall score of 875 on a scale of 1,000 points ranks first in terms of the satisfaction of Canadian consumers regard the auto services. Follow the top five automotive service Great Canadian Oil Change (864); Pennzoil (845); Goodyear Auto Service Center (842); and Midas (836).

The study reveals that the vehicle owners from eight to twelve years are more likely to visit an establishment of a secondary market dealer for maintenance and repair services. The vehicle owners from eight to twelve years have indicated a number of advantages related to visiting a institution of secondary market rather than a dealer, more precisely in regard to their most recent visit:

• Some 39% of owners have indicated that their arrival was a dealer, someone immediately after them. Among the customers who visit an establishment of secondary market, 58% said they had been served immediately.

• In total, 80% of those who visit a dealership have said that the service advisor has put them at ease. This is slightly higher given for visitors to an institution of secondary market, or 85%.

• Seventy-three percent of visitors to the secondary market institutions have stated that the counselor had provided practical advice. Among the visitors of dealers, this number was only 66%.

"The main challenge for the automotive industry is the acquisition of a share of revenue from services," says Robinson. "The institutions of secondary market seem to beat the dealers at their own game client retention rates are significantly higher (9% more on average) among people who use has institutions of secondary market compared to those who visit dealers to have their last two maintenance visits.

Given all vehicles currently on the road, this represents a market share of $ 700 million that the dealers will probably keep the difficulty was. Dealers who provide excellent customer service as well as maintenance and repair of high quality will have a competitive advantage. "

The study of 2011 on the index fidelity Canadian customers is based on responses from more than 19,500 owners in Canada whose vehicles are between four and twelve years. The study was undertaken between January and February 2011, and between June and July 2011.

                                                         Overall satisfaction index Services Receipts

(In scale 1000 points) (Approval J.D. Power)

NAPA AUTOPRO (875) (5)

Great Canadian Oil Change (864) (5)

Pennzoil (845) (4)

Goodyear Auto Service Center (842) (4)                 

Midas (836) (4)

Subaru dealers (832) (3)

Acura dealers (829) (3)

Mr. Lube (825) (3)

Average 822 Sector 3

Jiffy Lube (821) (3)

Mercedes-Benz dealers (821) (3)

Hyundai dealers (812) (3)

Dealers Toyota / Lexus (812) (3)         

Active Green & Ross (811) (3)

Ford / Lincoln (811) (3) Dealers

Fountain Tire (811) (3)

Ford Fast Lane (808) (3)               

Chrysler / Dodge / Jeep dealers (807) (3)

GM (807) Dealers (3)

Kia Dealers (804) (3)

Honda dealers (803) (3)

Mazda Dealers (797) (3)            

Volkswagen / Audi dealers (796) (2)

Nissan / Infiniti (794) Dealers (2)

Volvo (2) Dealers (793)

Wal-Mart Tire & Lube Express (779) (2)

Canadian Tire (764) (2)

BMW dealers (762) (2)

Costco (746) (2)

* Garages / independent workshops 863

* "Garages / workshops independent" refers to a network rather than a supplier of brands; these institutions are therefore not included in the official classification.

The following institutions were included in the study but not included in the ranking given the small size of the sample that is associated with them: Esso, Firestone Auto Service Centre, Kal Tire, Meineke Car Care Center, Mitsubishi dealerships, Mr . Muffler, Ok Tire, Petro-Canada (Certigard), Shell, Speedy and Suzuki dealerships.

Legend of ranking J.D. Power:

5 - Among the best

4 - Better than most

3 - Above average

2 - Other

J. D. Power and Associates

JD Power and Associates, whose registered office is in Westlake Village, Calif., is a global society of information services and marketing offers advice and solutions in forecasting, improvement of the performance, social networking and customer satisfaction. The evaluations of the quality and satisfaction measurements are based on the company answers given by millions of consumers each year. For more information on the assessment and classification of cars, auto insurance, health insurance, cell phones and other topics, please visit site. JD Power and Associates is a business entity of The McGraw-Hill Companies.

The McGraw-Hill Companies

Founded in 1888, The McGraw-Hill Companies is a society of information and awareness of global that helps professionals and students succeed in the economy founded on knowledge. Through leading brands such as Standard & Poor's, McGraw-Hill Education, information services on energy Platts, and JD Power and Associates, the company has approximately 21,000 employees and more than 280 offices distributed in 40 countries. In 2010, its sales totaled $ 6.2 billion. For more information, please visit It is strictly prohibited to use the information contained in this news release for promotional or advertising purposes without the prior written consent of JD Power and Associates.

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