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The Hyundai website ranks first site builders in Canada

A very satisfying website contributes to increase the interest of the brand with people who are preparing to buy a new vehicle

Making a quantum leap compared to 2008, the Hyundai website ranks first among sites automakers as a satisfaction index of Canadian buyers of a new vehicle, according to JD Power and Associates study 2009 Canadian Manufacturer Web Site Evaluation StudyMS (2009 study on the satisfaction index of Canadian consumers in matters of website builders) published today.            

The study, which is in its fourth year, analyzes the websites of Canadian manufacturers point of view of consumers planning to buy a new vehicle in the next 12 months. Four factors contribute to the overall index of customer satisfaction: information / content, download speed of website pages, the fluidity of navigation and appearance of the site.            

Hyundai ranks first in terms of customer satisfaction after having accumulated 834 points on a scale of 1000, achieving a jump of 109 points compared to 2008. Demarque Hyundai particularly in terms of download speed of pages and the fluidity of navigation on the website. Toyota follows Hyundai close in the standings (833 points) and is distinguished by the appearance of its website. Mazda comes third with a score of 829.            

"The completely new design of the website of Hyundai testifies efforts the manufacturer being made to provide and improve the functions that are most important for people in search of a new vehicle," he said Ryan Robinson, director Senior Research in the automotive sector JD Power and Associates. "Making critical information immediately accessible as price and technical characteristics of a vehicle is much more important than the addition of other items such as videos or road test simulations, which can be useful but tend to reduce the download speed of pages. "            

The study also revealed a high level of satisfaction with a Web site builder favorably influences the intentions of a buyer of a new vehicle. In the case of Web sites automakers lying above the industry average in terms of overall satisfaction, the number of people looking for a new vehicle that say they would "definitely" buy a model of these brands increased by almost 8% after having consulted the sites in question, compared to an increase of less than 2% of those who consulted a site combines a high rate of least satisfaction the industry average.            

"The fact that the interest of buyers increases after consulting a website is very satisfactory stresses how important it is to create an informative and functional website," stated Robinson. "Increasing levels of satisfaction with websites can lead to an increase in frequentation dealers and sales of vehicles."            

The study in 2009 on the satisfaction index of Canadian consumers in matters of websites automakers is founded on the evaluations provided by 2168 providing for consumers to purchase a new vehicle in the next twelve months. The study was undertaken in April 2009.

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