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Hydro-Quebec delivers fifteen cars i-MiEV has Boucherville businesses

The largest program of electric cars in Canada

Hydro-Quebec is pleased to announce that it has completed the delivery of the Mitsubishi i-MiEV to Boucherville businesses selected for the second phase of the most important test of any electric car program in Canada.

"We are very pleased with the involvement of Boucherville businesses. We enter the heart of this demonstration project because we will cover in this second phase, the needs of these companies and their employees who work in Boucherville, "said says Thierry Vandal, president-general manager of Hydro-Quebec.

Hydro-Quebec program is coordinated road test that allows to study the frequency of recharging, driving habits, driver satisfaction and the integration of electric vehicles to the grid. This initiative fits well into the stride of the unveiling of the Action Plan on electric vehicles, announced April 7 by the Government of Quebec.

"I hope that the companies selected the second phase will also ENCHANTEES me to drive the i-MiEV car! The project has aroused great interest among companies bouchervilloises, also created quite a craze among our residents, "declared Jean Martel, Mayor of Boucherville and spokesperson users of the first phase of the project.

"Our partnership with Hydro-Quebec and our joint pilot have been very successful over the past four months project, says Koji Soga, President and CEO of Mitsubishi Motor Sales of Canada Inc. The data collected and monthly reports show a Mitsubishi and Hydro-Quebec that the i-MiEV technology is the Canadian market. The second phase of our program will serve us better know our all electric vehicles and give them great visibility so as to inform the Quebecois on this technology. "

About the i-MiEV

"I-MiEV" stands for Mitsubishi Innovative Electric Vehicle (Mitsubishi innovative Electric Vehicle). It is an electric vehicle derived from the Japanese i-Car platform. Adapts to driving on the motorway, it recharge using a socket and produces no exhaust pipe emissions. The i-MiEV Mitsubishi owns a radius of 120 km per charge and can be recharged in 6 hours by plugging it into a 240 volt (or 13 hours using a 120-volt outlet is used). Furthermore, the use of a quick charge port will reach 80% of the nominal autonomy thirty minutes.

About Hydro-Quebec 

Hydro-Québec generates, transmits and distributes electricity. Its sole shareholder is the Government of Quebec. It uses mainly renewable, and more particularly the hydraulic energy, and supports the development of wind energy through purchases from independent power producers. It also conducts research and development in the field of energy, including to Energy Efficiency. For more information on Hydro-Quebec transport electrification projects matter, please visit / transportation-electrification.

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