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2011 Nissan LEAF: Offered in 2011 by Communauto

Pioneered carsharing add to its fleet the first all electric car for the general public.

Communauto, one of the largest car-sharing services in the world and first service of its kind in North America, today announced that it is committed to incorporating fifty cars Nissan LEAF has its fleet when the vehicle will be marketed Canada, by the end of 2011.

"By offering the Nissan LEAF - a fully electric car - the next year, Communauto has confirmed its clientele more than 20 000 users its concern for the environment," stated Mr. Benoit Robert, president of Communauto. "Our subscribers will soon enjoy the only car with zero emissions and the general public that combines comfort, style and usability they want."

The Nissan LEAF will be integrated into park Communauto, with the technical collaboration of the National Centre of Advance Transport (CNTA) in a number of stations in areas of Montreal and Quebec. The program announcement will represent the first and largest fleet of electric cars in all self-service in Canada.

"The agreement that will provide its Nissan LEAF Communauto was made possible by our Memorandum of Understanding with the Government of Quebec, Hydro-Quebec, the cities of Montreal and Quebec and the Agency to Energy Efficiency Quebec . This MOU and the particular agreement with Communauto well testify to the importance of establishing the strong relationships that are essential to the creation of a zero-emission community, "he says Mark Grimm, President of Nissan Canada Inc.

It is Hydro-Quebec that he will return to set up charging infrastructure Communauto will need for the proper functioning of its fleet of Nissan LEAF next year.

"In transportation, electricity is the way of the future. Grace clean, renewable and reliable energy to Hydro-Quebec, we can provide a healthier environment for Quebecois, explained Thierry Vandal, President and Chief General Hydro-Quebec. The company is pleased to play an active role in the electrification of transport and contribute to eco-responsible Communauto and Nissan initiative. "

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